A Turkey of a Day

Thanksgiving is probably my least-favorite holiday. (Granted, even the worst holiday in the world beats a non-holiday hands down.) I could not care less about football, and I don’t really care for turkey. It’s a lot of chewing for no payoff.

Still, giving thanks is a worthy cause, and I’m not complaining.

…In retrospect, I probably picked the worst possible time to start this blog. When I got the idea to do it, it was partially because I would come up with these ideas that I wanted to talk about — but which were too long to waste on an ephemeral forum post, and not compelling enough to write down simply for my own amusement. I figured a blog would be a good storing house for those ideas, when I had them.

Problem is, I haven’t been having many of those ideas lately. In addition, most of my hobbies are in kind of a weird intermediary stage right now where they’re not too interesting to talk about. Baseball’s in that awful dead zone between the end of the season and the hot stove really beginning to heat up. I haven’t played anything new in a while — I just polished off another playthrough of Tales of Symphonia, I’ve been stuck in front of Ballos in Cave Story for weeks, and I’ve been slowly muddling through Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. I haven’t finished any books recently or done any fiction writing. I’ve stalled out on level-building for Super Talking Time Bros. Television isn’t grabbing me — I’ve got a rant to make about Burn Notice, but I’ll give the new season a few more episodes before I set my thinking into stone about it.

Actually, that gives me an idea — I should probably make a list of all these tangents about which I keep saying “but that’s another post”. That way I’ll have something to say on days like this when I don’t have anything particularly pressing to write about. I guess this post wasn’t a complete waste of time after all!


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