The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Compleat Checklist

Long ago, when the four nations lived together in harmony, I put some work into a walkthrough of one of my favorite games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I didn’t get very far due to crushing laziness, but one of the elements of it that I did finish was “the checklist” — a list of actions to take that would get you everything in the game in the most efficient manner possible.

This is actually representative to the way I play games as a general rule. I’m not really a speedrunner, and while I like hundred-percent completion I’m not willing to beat myself over the head with it. I’m not a fan of sequence breaking and I hate glitches. To me, a game is “mastered” when I can work out the ideal route through the game, the route that lets me see the maximum amount of good stuff with the minimum amount of aggravation, grinding, and backtracking. I’m probably the only person on the planet who gets obscenely happy when he figures out that if you wait to start Sidequest A until after Plot Event X, you can do Step 3 of Sidequest A and Step 1 of Sidequest B in one trip.

I lost the list when I switched computers, but I’ve reproduced it here for your edification. Note that I don’t tell you how to get things, just where they’re at and when it’s best to collect them. It’s organized by area — every area transition is a new step.

  1. Begin game. Collect the Kokiri Sword. Collect 40 rupees and buy the Deku Shield. Show the Sword and Shield to Mido to open the path to the Great Deku Tree. Collect 10 Deku Sticks by repeatedly killing the Deku Babas along the path. Talk to the Great Deku Tree to open the Inside the Deku Tree dungeon. Enter it.
  2. Collect the Deku Nuts, Fairy Slingshot, Skulltulas #1-3, and Heart Container #1. Receive Kokiri’s Emerald from the Great Deku Tree.
  3. Exit the Kokiri Forest into Hyrule Field. Receive the Fairy Ocarina from Saria. Speak to that pesky owl and wait for the sun to set. Head back into Kokiri Forest and collect Skulltula #4.
  4. Cross Hyrule Field and enter Hyrule Castle Town.
  5. Collect Skulltula #5 and the Big Deku Seeds Bullet Bag. Talk to Malon.
  6. Go to Hyrule Castle. Speak to that pesky owl. Collect Skulltula #6 and wait for the sun to set. Head back into Hyrule Castle Town and collect Heart Pieces #1 and 2.
  7. Go to Hyrule Castle again. Speak to Malon and receive the Weird Egg. Sneak past the guards. If the Egg hasn’t hatched yet by the time you’re finished, wait for it to do so, then wake up Talon with the resulting Cucco. With him out of the way, push blocks and enter the Hyrule Castle Courtyard.
  8. Sneak past the guards. Speak to Zelda and Impa, receive Zelda’s Letter, and learn Zelda’s Lullaby. You’ll be warped back to Hyrule Field afterwards.
  9. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. Collect Bottle #1, Heart Piece #3, and Skulltulas #7 and 8. (The first can only be earned during the day, and the latter two can only be collected at night, so you’ll have to make two trips.) Learn Epona’s Song.
  10. Go to Kokiri Forest and pass through into the Lost Woods.
  11. Collect the Biggest Deku Seeds Bullet Bag and Heart Piece #4. Work your way through the maze and learn Saria’s Song. On your way back out, collect Heart Piece #5 and the first Deku Stick Max Up.
  12. Go to Kakariko Village. Collect Bottle #2. Put some Bugs in one of your Bottles. Show Zelda’s Letter to the guard to open the path to Death Mountain, but don’t go up yet.
  13. Instead, head into the graveyard. Collect Skulltula #9 by using the bugs on the Magic Bean Patch. (Make sure you recapture one of the bugs for later.) Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the Composer Brothers’ grave to open the way into their mini-dungeon. Pass through and learn the Song of Sun.
  14. When you exit the mini-dungeon, it should be night. Pull graves to earn Heart Piece #6 and a Hylian Shield. Have Dampe dig up Heart Piece #7 for you. Head back into the village and collect Skulltulas #10-14, then turn them in at the Skulltula House for your Adult Wallet.
  15. Head back to Hyrule Castle Town and check out the Happy Mask Shop. Check out the Keaton Mask. Go to Kakariko Town and sell the Keaton Mask to the guard, then return to Hyrule Castle Town once again and pay it off. Check out the Skull Mask.
  16. Head up Death Mountain. There’s nothing you can do here yet, so head straight to Goron City. Play Zelda’s Lullaby in front of Darunia’s chamber to gain admittance, then play Saria’s Song to receive the Goron Bracelet. Collect Heart Piece #8. Open the warp to the Lost Woods. Go to the Lost Woods, enter the Forest Stage, then slap on your Skull Mask to earn the second Deku Sticks Max Up. Once you’ve done that, sell the Skull Mask to the Skull Kid.
  17. Blow open Dodongo’s Cavern using bomb flowers. Backflip over the fence to collect Heart Piece #9. (A minor sequence break — you’re supposed to use the Magic Flower in the future, but eh.) Use bugs on the Magic Bean Patch to collect Skulltula #15.
  18. In Dodongo’s Cavern, collect a Bomb Bag, Skulltulas #16-18, and Heart Container #2. Make sure to hit the switch that activates the elevator. Receive Goron’s Ruby from Darunia after exiting.
  19. Head back to Goron City and collect the Big Bomb Bag and Skulltula #19. You can also blow open Medigoron’s chamber now if you feel like it, but there’s no profit to it.
  20. Climb to Death Mountain Crater. Open the Great Fairy’s chamber and play Zelda’s Lullaby to gain the spin attack and a magic meter. Collect Heart Piece #10 and Skulltula #20 in the Crater itself. Have the pesky owl fly you back to Kakariko, collect Heart Piece #11 there, then enter Death Mountain again to collect Skulltula #21. Collect the Stone of Agony at the Skulltula House.
  21. Head to Hyrule Castle Town. Pay back the Skull Mask and borrow the Spooky Mask. Win the Biggest Bomb Bag, Heart Piece #12, and Bombchus at the Bombchu Bowling Alley. Receive Din’s Fire from the Great Fairy near Hyrule Castle.
  22. Go to Zora’s River. Collect Heart Pieces #13 and 14 and Skulltulas #22 and 23. Play all of the songs you have for the singing frogs for rupees, then spend the cash on five (no more, no fewer) Magic Beans courtesy of the nearby merchant. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to open the way to Zora’s Domain.
  23. Collect Heart Piece #15. Win the Silver Scale in the diving game, then take the underwater warp to Lake Hylia.
  24. Collect the Note in a Bottle. Win Heart Piece #16 at the Fishing Hole. Collect Skulltulas #24 and 25, the latter from the Magic Bean Patch (don’t plant a bean). Play a song for the Scarecrows, and write it down so you don’t forget.
  25. Exit Lake Hylia into Hyrule Field. Bomb in the center of the four fences to open a hidden cave, then buy Heart Piece #17 off the Business Scrub there. Enter Gerudo Valley.
  26. Collect Heart Pieces #18 and 19 and Skulltula #26 (from the Magic Bean Patch; don’t plant a bean). The Heart Pieces can be gotten in one trip but it’s difficult; you may have to make two.
  27. Head back to Zora’s Domain. Show the Note in a Bottle to King Zora to receive Bottle #3 and open the way to Zora’s Fountain. Before heading in, catch a Fish on the lower floors of Zora’s Domain with your newly-emptied Bottle.
  28. Collect Skulltula #27, then blow open the Great Fairy’s Chamber and receive Farore’s Wind. Drop the Fish in front of Lord Jabu-Jabu; he’ll inhale you, allowing you to freely enter and exit Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.
  29. Collect the Boomerang, Skulltulas #28-31, Heart Container #3, and Ruto. Upon exiting, receive Zora’s Sapphire and a fiancee(!). As soon as the cutscene ends, play the Song of Sun and collect Skulltula #32.
  30. Head back to Zora’s Domain and take the warp to Lake Hylia. Collect Skulltula #33 there, then leave via Hyrule Field and go to Gerudo Valley. Collect Skulltula #34 in a bombable cave along the way, then collect Skulltula #35 in the Valley itself. Go back to Lake Hylia and warp back to Zora’s Domain, from there, take the Zora’s River warp to the Lost Woods.
  31. Collect Skulltulas #36 and 37 by using bugs on the two Magic Bean Patches. Plant a bean in the Patch near the Forest Stage, but not in the other. Bomb open a cave and buy the first Deku Nuts Max Up.
  32. Exit into Kokiri Forest. Collect Skulltula #38 from the Magic Bean Patch (don’t plant a bean). Enter the Deku Tree and collect Skulltula #39, which you can now reach now that you have Bombs and the Boomerang. Head back into the Lost Woods and warp to Goron City. Plant a bean in the Patch outside Dodongo’s Cavern (this one isn’t strictly speaking necessary, but it makes the Biggoron’s Sword trading game a lot more forgiving), then enter and collect Skulltula #40. Exit and head down the mountain to Kakariko.
  33. Use the boomerang to collect Heart Piece #20 in the windmill. Collect Skulltula #41 on the wall of the Graveyard, then plant a bean there. Sell the Spooky Mask to the kid in the graveyard during the day. Collect the Giant’s Wallet (and more friggin’ Bombchus) from the Skulltula House.
  34. Exit Kakariko into Hyrule Field and open up a cave nearby to collect Skulltula #42. Approach Hyrule Castle, watch the cutscene, then collect the Ocarina of Time and the Song of Time. Head into Hyrule Castle Town, pay back the Spooky Mask, then borrow the Bunny Hood.
  35. Go to Lon Lon Ranch and collect Skulltulas #43 and 44.
  36. Hunt down the running man and sell him the Bunny Hood for 500 rupees. Report back to the Mask Shop and earn the Mask of Truth. If you’ve really got a hard-on for a perfect game you can trudge back to the Forest Stage and show it for the second Deku Nuts Max Up, but I don’t recommend it. The rest of us will go to the Temple of Time, open the Door of Time, and draw the Master Sword.
  37. After the timeskip, you’ll receive the Light Medallion in a cutscene.
  38. Go to Lon Lon Ranch and win Epona from Ingo.
  39. Ride to Lake Hylia and play the scarecrows the song you played for them before. This becomes the Scarecrows’ Song.
  40. Go to Kakariko. Use your Magic Flower to collect Heart Piece #21. Enter the grave that didn’t have flowers on it before and challenge Dampe for the Hookshot. Once you’ve got it, challenge Dampe again and complete the race in under a minute for Heart Piece #22.
  41. From various villagers, collect Heart Piece #23, the Pocket Egg, and the Song of Storms. Spiderman around the rooftops with the Hookshot to collect Skulltula #45. Hatch the Pocket Cucco, wake up Talon with it, and return it to the Cucco Lady in exchange for Cojiro.
  42. Go to Kokiri Village and collect Skulltula #46. Go to the Lost Woods. Trade Cojiro to the carpenter’s son and receive the Odd Mushroom. Take the warp to Goron City, then head down the mountain, enter the potion shop, and trade the Mushroom for the Odd Medicine. Head on back (taking a moment to pick up Skulltula #47 in Goron City) and trade the Medicine for the Poacher’s Saw.
  43. Elsewhere in the Lost Woods, collect Skulltulas #48 and #49. Use the Scarecrows’ Song to skip past the Moblins in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Learn the Minuet of Forest from Sheik and enter the Forest Temple.
  44. Collect the Fairy Bow, Skulltulas #50-54, and Heart Container #4 in the dungeon. Afterwards you’ll receive the Forest Medallion.
  45. Ride to Gerudo Valley, collect Skulltulas #55 and 56 and trade the Poacher’s Saw for the Broken Biggoron Sword.
  46. Ride back to Hyrule Castle Town. Use the Hookshot to nab Skulltula #57 near Ganon’s Castle, then learn the Prelude of Light from Sheik at the Temple of Time.
  47. If you feel you’re up to it, chase down the ten Big Poes in Hyrule Field, kill ’em with arrows, bottle ’em, and sell ’em to the one-eyed merchant in the old guard house. You’ll get 50 rupees for each kill, and Bottle #4 for the whole lot.
  48. Go to Kakariko. Win the Large Quiver in the shooting gallery. Receive Heart Piece #24 at the Skulltula House.
  49. Enter Dodongo’s Cavern and use the Scarecrows’ Song and the Hookshot to collect Skulltula #58.
  50. Go to Goron’s City and blow up Darunia’s son to make him start talking. He’ll give you the Goron Tunic and open up the alternate entrance to the Death Mountain Crater.
  51. Go to the Crater and learn the Bolero of Fire from Sheik. Warp to the Temple of Time, go back in time, and warp back to the Crater. Use your bugs to find Skulltula #59 and plant a Bean. Return to the Crater as an adult and use the Magic Flower to collect Heart Piece #25. Enter the Fire Temple.
  52. In the Fire Temple, collect the Megaton Hammer, Skulltulas #60-64, and Heart Container #5. Receive the Fire Medallion when you’re finished.
  53. Collect the doubled magic meter in Death Mountain Crater. Exit the Crater at the top of the mountain and trade Biggoron the Broken Biggoron’s Sword for the Prescription. Collect Skulltulas #65 and 66 as you work your way down the mountain.
  54. Go to Zora’s River and collect Skulltulas #67 and 68 there. Enter Zora’s Domain and collect Skulltula #69.
  55. Collect Heart Piece #26 in Zora’s Fountain, then enter the Ice Cavern.
  56. In the Ice Cavern, collect the Iron Boots, Heart Piece #27, and Skulltulas #70-72. Sheik will teach you the Serenade of Water at the end. Make sure you exit with two Bottles of Blue Fire.
  57. Use one of your Blue Fires to thaw King Zora, receiving the Zora Tunic in return. Head back in to Zora’s Fountain and use the Tunic and Boots to collect Heart Piece #28. After you’ve done that, show King Zora the Prescription to receive the Eyeball Frog. On your way out of Zora’s Domain, use your second Blue Fire to thaw the entrance to the shop.
  58. Go to Lake Hylia and trade the Frog for Eye Drops. Ride to Death Mountain and trade the Eye Drops for the Claim Check. Wait three days and show the Claim Check for the Biggoron Sword.
  59. Bomb open a hidden cave north of Lon Lon Ranch and use the Iron Boots to collect Heart Piece #29 there.
  60. Go to Lake Hylia. Use the Scarecrows’ Song to reach Heart Piece #30. Win the Golden Scale at the Fishing Hole, then use it to receive Heart Piece #31 from the scientist. Finally, collect Skulltula #73 at the bottom of the laboratory using the Iron Boots. Enter the Water Temple.
  61. In the dungeon, collect the Longshot, Skulltulas #74-78, and Heart Container #6. Afterwards, you’ll receive the Water Medallion.
  62. Shoot an arrow at the rising sun to receive Fire Arrows, then use the Longshot to collect Skulltula #79.
  63. Go to Kakariko, watch the cutscene, and learn the Nocturne of Shadow. Warp back to the Temple of Time and go back in time.
  64. Go to Zora’s River and earn Heart Pieces #32 and 33 from the singing frogs. Collect Skulltula #80 by using the Song of Storms to open up a pit near Hyrule Castle. Play the Song of Storms for the windmill guy in Kakariko to open up the Bottom of the Well.
  65. In the Well, collect Skulltulas #81-82 and the Lens of Truth.
  66. Warp back to the Temple of Time, go forward in time, warp to the Kakariko Graveyard, and use Din’s Fire to open the Shadow Temple.
  67. In the Shadow Temple, collect the Hover Boots, Skulltulas #83-87, and Heart Container #7. You’ll receive the Shadow Medallion after you do so.
  68. Go to Gerudo Fortress by way of Gerudo Valley and spring the four carpenters, collecting Skulltula #88 and Heart Piece #34 as you do so. Once you’re finished, you’ll earn the Gerudo Pass (and a fixed bridge, not that that’s worth much).
  69. Collect Skulltula #89. Win Heart Piece #35 and the Biggest Quiver at the Gerudo Shooting Range. Find seven keys in the Gerudo Training Ground to win the Ice Arrows.
  70. Begin crossing the Haunted Wasteland. At the small fortress, collect Skulltula #90.
  71. At the Desert Colossus, collect Nayru’s Love and Skulltula #91. Enter the Spirit Temple, then exit again to learn the Requiem of Spirit from Sheik. Warp back to the Temple of Time, go back in time, then warp back to the Desert Colossus. Get Skulltula #92 from the Magic Bean Patch and plant your last Bean. Then enter the dungeon as a child.
  72. In the child portions of the Spirit Temple, collect Skulltulas #93-95 and the Silver Gauntlets. Watch the cutscene, then warp back to the Temple of Time and go forward in time.
  73. Trudge all the way to Zora’s Fountain (on foot, since none of the adult warps go anywhere near there) and use the Silver Gauntlets to collect Skulltula #96.
  74. Warp to the Desert Colossus. Use your Magic Flower to collect Heart Piece #36 (you should now have them all) and Skulltula #97.
  75. In the adult side of the Spirit Temple, you’ll find the Mirror Shield, Skulltulas #98-100 (you should now have all of those) and Heart Container #8 (all of those, too). You’ll get the Spirit Medallion at the end.
  76. Warp back to the Temple of Time and watch the cutscene. You’ll receive the Light Arrows.
  77. Go to Ganon’s Castle and complete the Shadow Wing to earn the Golden Gauntlets. Head back outside and move the enormous pillar to access the final Great Fairy, who gives you a doubled life bar.
  78. Complete the other five gauntlets, climb Ganon’s Tower, beat Ganondorf and Ganon, win game.

And there you go! Step-by-step instructions for winning Ocarina of Time in the most efficient manner possible.


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