Mafia 8 Summary: Mafia Vs. Capcom

The way I’ve decided to handle this is by posting all the summaries for each game in a lump post after the game is over. That saves me from having to dedicate one post a week to Mafia-related activities (which are beyond uninteresting if you don’t care), but gives me one easy update a month.

Original thread, with rules, is here.

Day 1
~Posts #2-228~

The first post that isn’t part of the traditional role-playing, trash-talking, and rule clarifications that comprise the first page of every Mafia game ever comes at #26, where Loki claims the role of Avenger. Byron immediately accuses Loki in response, and Javex wonders what Loki’s game is. Loki responds that he’s trying to increase the odds of finding a Mafioso during the somewhat random first Day by removing himself, a Citizen, from the list of suspects, and says that the Mafia wouldn’t dare try to kill him due to his special power, which would result in one of their own being taken out. JohnB doesn’t buy this logic, however, and votes for Loki. Dwolfe does, however, and spineshark likes the strategy even if he doesn’t trust the reveal.

JohnB and Loki argue for a while about the optimal Avenger strategy. JohnB is of the opinion that Loki is the Secret Boss and claimed Avenger to divert both the Town and Mafia away from him, but Loki pokes holes in his case. Namelessentity argues that fronting roles is too difficult to pull off for long stretches, so Loki is probably telling the truth. Adam suggests that if JohnB or Byron are so confident in Loki’s guilt, they could pull their vote, argue their case, and then vote for him a few minutes before the end of the Day (thus putting them at risk of the Avenger’s counterattack if they’re wrong).

Shivam muses that Loki is trying to recreate Byron’s successful Drunk strategy from M6: Revealing on the first Day, then building a bloc. Kaisel notes that Loki’s claimed character is more likely to be Mafia than Town.

Dwolfe accuses Byron, trying to get some non-Loki/Avenger discussion going. Loki accuses JohnB for wasting the Town’s time and potentially giving the Mafia an idea for a strategy. (JohnB had earlier speculated on how the Mafia and the Secret Boss might collaborate to remove the Avenger.) Karzac says that the Secret Boss needs the Town to lynch the Avenger, so anyone making a case against the Avenger is suspect, and votes for JohnB as well.

Byron attracts a bit of attention with his hit-and-run, no-justification accusation, but everyone seems to agree to wait until he’s had a chance to defend himself before pressing the vote. Spineshark also receives a vote or two thanks to his character reveal.

Umby defends JohnB, saying he’s talking too much and drawing too much attention to be a Mafioso, who prefer to wait and see if they need to talk or if the Town will beat itself.

Adam muses that the Mafia may not have a Saboteur at all (as there are four possible Mafia roles, but only three actual Mafia at this juncture). Dwolfe proposes discussing role strategies, but Byron shuts this discussion down. (He dodges questions about his vote for Loki, though.)

Eventually the Loki/JohnB fight dies down and people begin focusing more on Byron and spineshark. Spineshark, in particular, takes a lot of heat as a result of his unnecessary reveal. After speaking in defense of himself, Byron joins the spineshark parade. The voting frontrunners begin posting their suspicion lists.

Late in the Day Byron reveals another gambit: He believes spineshark to be innocent, changes his vote (to botticus), and invites other players to do the same. Paul le Fou takes him up on it, and votes for shivam, as does Luana. The Day ends in a tie between spineshark and shivam; spineshark is killed, and his reveal is vindicated.

Day 2
~Posts #230-382~

The Day begins with the Citizens discovering that dwolfe has been killed by the Mafia.

Loki immediately claims that he was sabotaged during the Night, which means the Saboteur is in play. Botticus asks who did it, and Loki says he doesn’t know, but then backtracks and says it was Johnny Sack (claiming he believed it to be merely flavor text). This lapse attracts the attention of Adam, who wonders why Loki would make such a dumb mistake.

Shivam had said on Day 1 that if he survived he would come out with his faction and character, and he does so, claiming the role of Ken Masters (making him immune to stalemates, hits, and KOs). He says that his suspicions rest on namelessentity and botticus.

Byron and Umby discuss whether Loki is trustworthy or not, and there’s some speculation as to whether the Secret Boss is dead. Byron expresses suspicion of botticus, who defends himself by examining the order of events in Day 1. Javex muses that dwolfe may have been killed because he was surreptitiously signaling that he had a power role.

Botticus points out that as long as the Saboteur is in play, immunity to hits is all but worthless (since the the target can be sabotaged long enough for the Mafia to kill them). He also notes that as the Fighter (shivam) is extremely dangerous to front, shivam is probably legit.

Kaisel examines the motivations of the people who voted for spineshark, and says that it’s somewhat suspicious that shivam didn’t come out earlier given how close he was to being lynched. Shivam explains that he was gambling on his stalemate immunity protecting him in the event of a tie.

Shivam votes for botticus, on the grounds that he’s acting manipulative, and Umby follows. However, shivam almost immediately rescinds his own vote “pending research.” There is some flailing, unorganized suspicion directed to namelessentity, Luana, and Karzac, among others. There’s more discussion about who’s most suspicious and who’s innocent, but no consensus appears to arise — everyone has a different idea of what’s significant.

Adam makes a breakthrough when he notices a rules error in one of Javex’s posts — Javex cited a rule, supposedly from the rules post, but actually mentioned in passing in the main Mafia thread (and probably also in the Secret Boss’s role PM, Adam nudges none-too-subtly). Adam votes for Javex, and Byron backs him. A bandwagon rapidly forms against Javex.

Javex votes for Loki in self-defense, accusing him of being a liar who’s sabotaging the Citizens with a false reveal, resulting in a chain reaction of unnecessary reveals.

Umby and Karzac receive a few throwaway votes in the waning hours of the Day, mostly of the “pay attention to this guy tomorrow morning” variety, but no one every comes close to Javex’s vote total, and he is lynched. He is revealed to be Albert Wesker.

Day 3
~Posts 384-462~

The Day begins with the players discovering that shivam has been killed by the Mafia.

Botticus says that he believes it’s safe to presume that Javex was the Secret Boss. Loki speculates that shivam was killed as a result of the shell game, and says he wasn’t sabotaged during the night. Karzac points out that if Javex was the secret boss, his vote doesn’t tell the Citizens anything, because both the Citizens and the Mafia need the Secret Boss taken out. Byron says this is an acceptable loss given the Citizens are now facing only a single night kill per night instead of two.

Luana argues that Javex was trying to throw suspicion on shivam and Loki in order to get them lynched, so he wouldn’t have to risk his own neck killing them himself. JohnB accuses Umby in order to force him to talk. Botticus concurs, finding his flip-flopping suspicious. Umby responds to this by accusing Luana, claiming she’s making content-free accusations. The players divide into an Umby camp and a Luana camp, with Umby’s camp getting the better of it initially. With no shocking revelations as during the previous Days, the game grinds to a halt in its final hours. A few last-minute vote changes result in a tie, and Luana is lynched. She is revealed to be Amaterasu.

Day 4
~Posts #463-633~

Day 4 begins with Byron being killed by the Mafia.

Kaisel suggests letting Umby off the hook for now, and wonders if Byron was killed because he was getting too close to SDMX. JohnB calls out botticus, SDMX, and namelessentity as Mafia, and votes for botticus.

Adam and Karzac agree that apathy will get the Town killed, and Adam says that anyone claiming the Citizens can’t really know anything is a Mafioso trying to lead them off the scent. Namelessentity accuses Adam of trying to lead the discussion in circles. The discussion goes in circles for a while.

Adam suggests killing Umby, as there’s a lot that could be uncovered from his death whether he’s guilty or not — and reveals himself to be a Lover. Namelessentity asks Adam if his Lover is still alive, but SDMX quickly closes the door on that conversation, claiming there’s no reason why a Citizen would want to know it. JohnB retracts his accusation of botticus and accuses namelessentity instead based on this slip-up.

JohnB suggests that all roles should come out at this point.

Somewhat later, there is a PLOT TWIST and the affiliations of the dead players are confirmed by Merus, revealing that spineshark, shivam, and Luana were Citizens, and that Javex was indeed the Secret Boss.

Players begin putting the screws to JohnB, questioning why he would request reveals from other players without doing it himself. Eventually JohnB throws up his hands and reveals himself to be Dan Hibiki. There’s some discussion about the role of politeness in Mafia games that I’m just going to gloss over.

Eventually the Citizens agree to target namelessentity — he’s not at the top of anyone’s list, but he’s on everyone’s list, making him a good compromise candidate. Namelessentity is lynched, and revealed to be Mafia.

Day 5
~Posts #634-733~

When the Day begins, the Citizens suffer a double-whammy: Adam was killed by the Mafia during the night, and Umby was K.O.ed by a Fighter.

Loki and JohnB vote for botticus, with the latter taunting him at some length. Botticus responds with a vote for kaisel. Paul le Fou says he’s not entirely sold on botticus but that he wouldn’t fight a lynch too hard, if it came down to it. Karzac expresses suspicion of kaisel, accusing him of waffling and trying to play both sides of an argument.

Kaisel accuses Paul le Fou on the tried-and-true “He’s quiet… too quiet” argument… an argument that backfires somewhat when JohnB points out that Paul le Fou has twice as many posts as kaisel does, as do three dead players.

Paul le Fou comes clean, revealing that he was given temporary Fighter powers the previous day and used them to kill Umby, and that Umby was innocent. Botticus claims a role as well, that of the Grieving Inspector. Karzac backs this reveal with some independent analysis (Adam had expressed suspicion of everyone except botticus and vice versa, and botticus was one of the first people to respond after Adam nailed down Javex.) JohnB doesn’t hold any grudges, and immediately switches his vote to kaisel.

SDMX accuses kaisel of trying to trick the town into killing the Avenger. Botticus admits that he’s still unsure about the veracity of Loki’s claims.

Karzac claims vanilla Citizen and votes for SDMX.

The Mafia Fighter takes action midday and kills botticus, exonerating him.

Kaisel expresses skepticism that in a game as high-powered as this one, not one Mafioso has attempted to front a role. He then votes for everyone. This doesn’t help, as he is lynched and revealed to be Mafia.

Final Day
~Posts #735-End~

JohnB is killed by the Mafia during the night.

The surviving players immediately split into competing camps against SDMX and Karzac, respectively, the only two players without ironclad alibis by this point. However, in the holiday rush people seem willing to vote for Karzac just to end the game. Luckily for them, he’s lynched, and is revealed to be the last Mafioso. The Citizens win.


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