Not Feeling It Today.

Well, that post yesterday sounded nice and optimistic, didn’t it? So of course the very next day I find that writing is the exact last thing I feel like doing. I started about three different posts, but my brain felt too fried to do any of them justice. Today’s the kind of day I’d spend by re-posting some older writing… if I had any that I was willing to post. So, in lieu of any of those things, another “unrelated thingies” post.

1) After putting it aside for a few days to play around with Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, I’ve resumed plugging away at Donkey Kong Country Returns. I’m about halfway through World 6 and I can definitely sense the game stop screwing around with me. After the first three worlds I thought that the game was structured a little like New Super Mario Bros. Wii in that you’d die a lot, but the game showered you with extra lives to the extent that you’d never actually be in any danger of running out. World 4 disabused me of that notion quite thoroughly — I died over sixty times on the last two levels alone (to be fair, though, about half of those deaths were self-inflicted, as I’d missed a collectible and wanted to try again without having to start the entire level over). World 4’s Autoscrolling Land, though, and the subsequent two worlds have been a good bit fairer, but still hard.

To put this in perspective, I didn’t see NSMBWii’s Super Guide until World 7, and I could count the number of times I saw it altogether on one hand. I saw the Super Guide for the first time in DKCR’s World 1 (the secret hidden level in World 1, but still), and it’s appeared regularly since then. So yeah, hard game.

2) On that note, I “acquired” the soundtracks of both DKCR and S&P: SS to put on the new iPod. All that empty space was literally eating away at me. With my old iPod I put songs on there one at a time, evaluating each song on a case-by-case basis and asking myself if I really needed it on there, but with this one I’ve been dumping whole albums on there just to fill the space. Shuffle is now pulling up songs I haven’t listened to in literally years, including some that I forgot why I deleted in the first place, and it’s definitely an odd experience for me.

3) I’ve also recently picked Etrian Odyssey III back up after putting it down for a while, probably due to burnout. I’m currently tiptoeing through the fourth stratum, with BF14 currently stumping me. My primary problem currently is that while my front row is great at dishing out the damage, it can’t take hits for crap, so some of the monsters down there can easily wipe out my entire front row. I’ve been making a few foraging runs to earn money to upgrade my armor, so maybe that’ll help.

What burnt me out in the first place was raising up a new character. The experience curve is so, so slow in this game. I eventually resorted to beating down Ghost Ships over and over, but even that is slow going. It was worth it in the end, though — Setsuna, my Swashbuckling Shogun, is probably my strongest fighter currently. She just needs a second Katana.

Expect more Golden Guild in the near future.


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