Holy hell

In case you don’t see what’s going on here, the taker of this photograph, a Filipino councilman, has literally photographed his own assassination. That is absolutely mind-boggling. I am literally staggered by the odds against this happening. I wonder what his last thoughts were?

This has to be a first. Sometimes, when I’m really bored, I’ll start wondering if there’s anything truly new in the world, or whether we’re all just circling, regurgitating stories that have been circulating endlessly since God crapped out the first caveman. If you watch the news, none of it’s really new — politicians are assholes, corporations are greedy, young white woman get kidnapped, celebrities do stupid shit and get away with it. Film at eleven. The circumstances change, but the story rarely does. Well, this closes the book on that particular debate. This is a new news story. I wish I could make up stuff this bizarre and shocking.

Say this for the guy — this has to be the most easily-solved murder, like, ever. Gil Grissom wasn’t dusting for prints or interviewing uncooperative subjects here. They probably caught the guy before he got home. I’d pay money to see a lawyer try and talk his way out of this.

Would that JFK had been so considerate.

Full story here.


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