Cheating Codes

Not a lot’s been happening recently. I don’t believe I’ve played any game for more than five consecutive minutes since polishing off DKCR the other day. I haven’t been reading (books, at least), I haven’t seen anything interesting on the TV, and I haven’t been anywhere or done anything. There’s only so much you can say about the Dan Uggla extension, and I’ve said it all. I’ve spent most of my time recently dreaming up and writing about video games that will almost certainly never be made, and who wants to read about that? (One’s a riff on Secret of Evermore only less boring, while the other is this absolutely bizarre mash-up of Shantae, Seiken Densetsu 3, and the parts of Arc Rise Fantasia that don’t suck. It’d be good, I just know it.)

So, instead, I’ll take the route that every other creatively-bankrupt blogger with nothing to say takes when they’ve got writer’s block and direct you to YouTube to entertain yourself. No, I don’t have any shame, thanks for asking. So with that…

Video Let’s Plays That Tanto Has Been Using To Fill The Empty Void That Is His Life, Take One

–Been watching a lot of raocow videos lately. I’ve got a certain fondness for Mr. Cow because he more or less introduced me to the whole concept of video Let’s Plays in the first place. I’ve pretty much abandoned his brand of insane dadaism for videos with more substance in recent years (as much substance as, you know, narrated playthroughs of silly Mario romhacks can have), but watching his newer stuff is still a little like coming home, or at least like coming back to the dorm and listening to a pleasant-voiced French-Canadian ramble on about nothing in particular for an hour each night, which is more or less the same thing.

I notice he’s stopped abusing savestates these days, which means less chipmunk time and more jump cuts. I’m not sure that’s a fair trade. It kind of vexes when LPers cut out the parts of the video that show them struggling or working out puzzles… the “Eureka!” moment is part of the appeal here, so cutting straight from “What the hell am I supposed to do here?” to “Okay, so I just checked GameFAQs, and here’s what the hell I’m supposed to do here…” seems to defeat the purpose. Show me your thought process, LPers! I would feed on your frustration.

–On the subject of romhacks, I’ve also been enjoying Garrison’s LP of the A Link to the Past romhack Parallel Worlds. The game itself is terrible, naturally, but that’s par for the course in the world of romhacks. Garrison’s defeated monotone suits the game perfectly. More interesting is that the LP has become something of a Talking Time event, with cameos from such figures as Dart Zaidyer of Super Talking Time Bros. fame, DemoWeasel, and the inestimable Beat.

Also there is a dungeon called “Nabooru’s Hole”, which still invokes a case of the giggles in me.

–Elsewhere, I’ve been amusing myself with AccountingNightmare’s LPs of the Devil May Cry series. The entire high-octane brawler genre pretty much passed me by entirely, so it’s neat to see them tackled by someone who knows what they’re doing. And if that person is an Australian chick with a soothing, pleasant accent, so much the better.

–Finally, this is pretty old (and not an LP, besides), but it’s awesome nonetheless. We are all reading Sharkey’s page, yes? Good.

That sounds like enough. I’m going to go ahead and post this before my conscience gets the better of me and forces me to write something actually worthwhile and not just “Hey, look at what these other more talented people did.” You’ll never take me alive, copper!


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