A Touch Late

Yeah, yeah, I know. Still, I’m posting this during the period of wakefulness which primarily fell on January 11th, 2o11, so I’m counting it as that post. As long as I’ve got a shiny “31” next to January at the end of the month I doubt anyone will much care the exact hour they were posted. (I know I won’t.) I’ll still make the 12th’s regularly scheduled post, so don’t fret — you’ll still get your fill of my pointless meanderings.

I ate breakfast every day, like clockwork, for most of my life. Usually that breakfast was cereal, and I became quite the connoissuer of empty sugar. In college, though, I mostly gave it up, for two reasons. First, I was trying to get as much sleep as I could possibly manage during those days, so I usually spent my mornings making sure I didn’t exude any socially unacceptable smells rather than eating. The other was that, around age 20, I mysteriously began feeling sick to my stomach if I ate anything before around 11 am, so I simply stopped doing so.

I hadn’t forgotten my love of cereal, though, and discovered its usefulness as a midnight snack a few years later. I’d been struck by one of those mysterious midnight cravings and took apart the kitchen in search of something to eat. The only thing I found was a pile of single-serving boxes of cereal my sister had brought back with her when she’d gone on vacation with her friends a few weeks earlier. Desperate, I cracked one and ate it — and a new snack food was born. I still don’t eat breakfast anymore — old habits die hard — but cereal has become a staple of my diet again, each month rediscovering an old treat from my childhood. Lucky Charms. Cocoa Pebbles. Just last month I reminded myself how entirely awesome Apple Cinnamon Cheerios are for the first time in years.

I wonder how many other people eat their meals in reverse, starting off with the most substantial one and polishing off with cereal in milk before going to bed. Which is where I’ll go now, if you don’t mind. Tomorrow: Super Talking Time Bros. thoughts! Or maybe MythBusters thoughts. We’ll see what mood takes me.


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