Dimensional Turn

A bunch of stuff about the 3DS was released today, including price point and drop date.

I won’t be getting it. At least, not right away.

For one thing, the launch lineup looks pretty sorry. There’s not a single game on the list that makes me say “OMG MUST HAVE”. Really, if I bought a 3DS at launch it would be for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, which isn’t even a 3DS game.

Now, there is some stuff coming down the pike that looks more up my alley… ports of Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64, which are two of my favorite games. Ports of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Tales of the Abyss, which I’ve wanted to play but don’t have access to. New turn-based Paper Mario, which is pretty much a system seller all by its lonesome. The Kid Icarus game looks sufficiently Sin & Punishment-esque that I figure I’d enjoy it. Plus I’m certain that 3DS will eventually be the place to be for new Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mario, and Zelda, which means that I won’t be able to just pass it up.

Problem is, though, that all of this stuff is in the generic “Eventually” release frame. I’m not a technology whore, so I’m not interested in the 3DS (or any other system) just on the merits of its technical innovations. I’m not concerned with new 3-D stuff or tag features. There actually needs to be a list of software that grabs me before I’m willing to take the plunge. Game Boy Virtual Console won’t be ready at launch, and I’m struggling to think of any old GB games that I absolutely need anyway. The Oracle games, I guess? My Link’s Awakening cart is still in perfect working condition.

So, no 3DS for me right off the bat. Wake me up when Ocarina 3D gets a release date.


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