Crossing Over

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 depresses me.

See, I love crossovers. A ton. The bigger the better, the more wide-ranging the better, the more obscure the better. The first bit of fiction I ever wrote was a crossover fanfic. (Mega Man X and Transformers: Beast Wars, as I recall.) There’s definitely something special for me about seeing a bunch of wildly different characters stirred into the same pot and viewing the results. In addition, since crossover games usually don’t have to make a lot of sense, designers are free to cater to the audience’s wishes and are able to include just about anything that seems interesting. Pit hasn’t been in a game in twenty years? Who cares! Throw him in.

The problem, as far as I’m concerned, is that most crossover games are fighting games, and I just don’t like fighting games. I’ve tried, believe me, but it’s just not my thing. Fighters shoot for an entirely different audience than the one I’m in — they’re all about competitive multiplayer play, with the one-player modes as an afterthought. Even in the densest fighting games you can usually see everything there is in a few hours, at which point the name of the game becomes polishing and practicing your skills. That’s not me. I feel like I should like fighting games — I love the spectacle of the moves and  the huge colorful casts. But their gameplay just doesn’t appeal to me. Super Smash Bros. is the only exception, because its simplified controls and platformer-derived hybrid gameplay breaks up the Street Fighter structure enough for me to get a handle on it. Anything more complex goes over my head.

And because I’m locked out of fighters, that usually means I’m locked out of those crossovers I love so much. Fighting games are the natural extension for crossovers — the impetus behind crossovers is usually “Who would win in a fight?” — so they tend to get the nod most of the time. It’s a rare game that tries to cram a bunch of different characters into another genre — Namco X Capcom is a tactical RPG, as I understand it, but it was never localized. Then you’ve got Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which I love, but which is very unofficial.

How about a Suikoden-style army recruitment RPG crossover game? Or a Castlevania: Harmony of Despair platformer starring gaming icons? Fire Emblem or Ogre Battle tactical RPG? Those genres I could get behind. Yet another tournament fighter just leaves me cold.

I want to be excited for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. But I can’t do Hurricane Kicks, so seeing Amaterasu team up with Deadpool isn’t in the cards for me. Insert frowny-face here.


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