Sin & Punishment Plot Summary, Part 1

It seems that some people are having trouble grasping the plot of the Sin & Punishment games, so, as a public service, here is a plot summary. This is the first game; I’ll do the second tomorrow.

Sin & Punishment takes place in the far-flung dystopian future of 2007. The backstory is that the planet is gripped by famine, so our handsomest scientists created a genetically-engineered food source called “Ruffians” and turned them loose in the vast grazing ranges of Japan. Eventually, however, they went nuts and started attacking people, so a the generous souls in the American arms industry formed a non-profit army to hunt down the rogue beasts. However, being Americans, this army decided to get their evil on and oppress the Japanese citizenry while they were at it, so a resistance sprung up, dedicated to fighting both the Ruffians and the Armed Volunteers.

The group is led by a mysterious woman named Achi, who is viewed as a messianic figure by the populace. She has weird psycho powers, and through the magic of blood transfusions, she can bring people back to life and give them weird psycho powers as well. The heroes of the game, Saki and Airan, were humans who were saved and enhanced by Achi’s blood. One of the main bad guys, Brad, was one of Achi’s former disciples, but he left her and joined up with the Armed Volunteers instead.

The game itself begins with an apropos-of-nothing dream sequence that sees Saki shooting down flying Ruffians and giant bugs (Prologue). Saki wakes up, and he, Achi, and Airan begin a raid on the Armed Volunteers (1-1 and 1-2), which is interrupted by a Ruffian attack. Eventually, they encounter a woman named Kachua, who is a follower of Brad. Kachua is a product of Brad’s experiments with trying to create more super soldiers with Achi’s powers, using his own Achi-enhanced blood as a proxy for the real deal; as a result, Kachua has crazy psycho powers as well. Saki and Kachua fight a bit, and eventually they both mutate into enormous Ruffians and begin fighting amidst a sea of blood (1-3). To escape the carnage, Achi uses her powers to warp herself and Airan into the bowels of an Armed Volunteers battleship.

Airan decides to infiltrate the battleship (2-1). Along the way, she’s harried by Leda, who was once Brad’s lover but was accidentally transformed into a tiny blue cat-rat thing with an annoying voice by his experiments. Airan eventually destroys Leda and fights Brad face-to-face and hand-to-hand, pushing him through the bridge window and onto a passing fighter jet.

Achi uses her telekinetic powers to remove a huge sheet of metal from the ship and begins ferrying herself and Airan around on it. Brad orders the Armed Volunteers to go down shooting, and Airan manages to single-handedly bring down their whole fleet (2-2). Airan even brings down a huge missile that would have killed the still-Ruffianed Saki had it hit him. Achi taunts the beaten Brad, who opts to go down fighting rather than admit defeat to his old mentor.

Achi tells Airan that in order to bring Saki back to normal, she (Airan) will have to shoot him. Airan refuses, so Achi transports Airan into a dream sequence set ten years in the future, in New York City, where Ruffian-Saki is currently rampaging. In the dream, Airan encounters a boy named Isa (incidentally, the protagonist of S&P2), who she eventually realizes is Saki and her future son. They battle through a Ruffian-infested subway (2-3), eventually encountering Saki, who seems to have gone over to the Ruffians. Saki baits Airan into shooting him, at which point the dream ends and she realizes Achi manipulated her into doing just that.

Achi reveals that she isn’t human at all, but rather some manner of cosmic being, and that the war between the Ruffians and the Armed Volunteers was an attempt to groom a powerful super-soldier (Saki) for use in her future battles with other cosmic beings, the nature of which are not elaborated upon. Saki, now in a weird half-human, half-Ruffian state, washes up on a beach with Airan (3-1), and they begin battling through the Ruffians there. Eventually they reach an abandoned building and stop there in order to decide what to do next. Before they can come to any conclusions, though, Saki hears a sound outside and goes to investigate; while he’s gone, Achi kidnaps Airan. Saki goes after them through an intensely annoying wannabe side-scrolling stage (3-2), eventually encountering Achi herself.

Achi transforms into a planet, and begins destroying the earth so that she can take its place, apparently operating under the logic that if Saki wants to defend Earth, she’ll simply become the new Earth, and Saki will be obligated to defend her. (Don’t ask me; I didn’t write it.) Saki goes full Ruffian again and, by deflecting the fire of Achi’s “Earth Mimicry” back at it, destroys it. Achi returns to human form briefly and warns Saki that by destroying her, he’s going to have to take responsibility for the fate of the planet in her absence. She then dies, and Saki and Airan wander off into the sunset to make babies, one of whom becomes the star of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.


2 Responses to “Sin & Punishment Plot Summary, Part 1”

  1. 1 Cillian Flood October 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Nice summary I don’t know why people get confused with it. As long as you accept that Aichi’s species and how she met Saki and Airan isn’t revealed then the story is pretty straight forward.

  2. 2 Cillian Flood October 10, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Oh and I don’t think Aichi died. The epilogue seems to imply shes been left stranded in space to muse over what happened. Not to mention her appearance in the sequel.

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