Revenge of the Unrelated Thingies

Man, I am stupid bored. Emphasis on the “stupid”. I guess it’s time for another “things which aren’t substantial enough to make for their own post, but which collectively add up to 500-ish words” post.

1) Reached another floor on Etrian Odyssey III last night. I really hate how the pacing in this game is with regards to equipment upgrades — you’ll trundle along for hours with nothing new to buy, and then the game will drop super-expensive upgrades for everyone in your lap all at once. I’m going to have to make at least four foraging dives just to raise up the cash to keep everyone’s armor up-to-date.

I also think that I’m severely overlevelled, given my penchant for wandering around lost on the lower levels. I probably should have been at the final boss ten levels ago.

Also also, sailing sucks. I keep thinking I should go out and fill out my ocean chart, but then I get my ship in order, go out on the water, and remember what a massive pain negotiating the ocean is.

I kind of want to roll a new team, too… but not quite enough to raise up five new guys fifty levels without benefit of quest or boss experience. Maybe a New Game+, if I ever get there.

2) Okami is still resisting my efforts to get motivated enough to play it. Every game is, actually. Last year I beat seven games in January; this year I beat two in the first week (the legwork for both of them having been mostly done in 2010) and nothing since. Part of that’s been an unusually bad sick season by my standards, but most of it is just unforgivable laziness. Eh.

3) I can’t remember the last game I’ve looked forward to as much as The Last Story. I was trying to keep myself from getting too pumped for it out of a fear that it might not be localized, but the announcement that Xenoblade is still on its way dispelled those fears. I mean, if you think about it, there are only four possible scenarios here:

  1. Nintendo localizes both Xenoblade and The Last Story.
  2. Nintendo localizes Xenoblade, but not The Last Story.
  3. Nintendo localizes The Last Story, but not Xenoblade.
  4. Nintendo localizes neither Xenoblade nor The Last Story.

To me, #2 is by far the least likely of these. You’d have to think Nintendo is still smarting from the loss of Final Fantasy (and its corresponding mindshare) all those years ago and would love to get their hands on the series’ spiritual successor. I realize it’s kind of a bad time for JRPGs in the west right not, but it’s difficult for me to feature Nintendo deciding they can only afford to localize one of the two games and picking Xenoblade. The nightmare scenario here is obviously #4, but now that we know they still plan to release Xenoblade, #1 actually seems comfortingly likely.

I think this game is going to be right up my alley. It seems to be a very traditional JRPG, but it’s ditched a lot of the more irritating JRPG elements, particularly with regards to the plot. Of course, I’ve been specifically avoiding videos and such of the game because I want to go in fresh, so I could be dead wrong on this. I’m keeping my hopes up, though.

4. I think my next actual game purchase, however, will be Radiant Historia, another game that I’m very intrigued by. I think I’m actually more excited for the new Pokemon games, but those will be around forever, and even if they’re not I’m sure Pokemon Gray is in development as we speak. Radiant Historia, on the other hand, is an Atlus game, and will almost certainly have a unspeakably short run, so I’m going to try and get my hands on that first. Most portable RPGs these days are trying to out-retro each other — people slobbered all over 4 Heroes of Light, but it was too primitive for my tastes. Radiant Historia looks to be more my bag, shooting for the juicy 16/32-bit era of JRPG design.


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