Mafia 9 Summary: Moblashed

This one was fun! It’s just too bad that it ended so weakly, with the Mafia sliding into checkmate despite losing only one of their own. It harkens back to the bloc-building strategies of the very early Mafia games. It was a very long game, though, with a lot of talking, which is only to be expected given its size (twenty-odd players)… so, uh, get a snack.

Original thread, with rules, is here.

Day 1
~Posts #3-393~

Apparently this game has some manner of internet theme, so everyone’s required to write like retards for the duration.

The first real moves of the game feature shivam, widdershins, and fanboymaster attempting to figure out which roles are in play. There is also some discussion, half in jest, about whether Destil or kaisel are “due” to be Mafia or Citizen, respectively.

Brickroad notes that the Inspector is much more powerful in this variant, because they can potentially get both a clean and a dirty verdict in a single night, rather than simply one or the other. Phantoon says the Citizens should assume they have no Inspector for now rather than relying on one being there and getting caught with their pants down if he doesn’t exist.

Paul le Fou and Alpha Werewolf vote for Brickroad for being annoying. (Which he is, totally.) Alpha Werewolf also exhorts the Citizens to stop with the theorycrafting. Byron agrees that rules clarifications are fine, but attempting to plan is dangerous. Kaisel, however, states that the Citizens will eventually need a plan if they’re going to win, and there’s only so much the Mafia can do to interfere with a well-implemented plan.

There is some discussion as to the potential guilt of Adam and Phantoon, specifically as to whether “lurking” is particularly damning this early in the game.

Is intentionally putting a Mafioso into the server a good idea? Byron doesn’t think so, but some other players, including Phantoon, are willing to consider the idea. For this reason, he attracts the attention of shivam and Nodal, who vote for him. JohnB finds this sudden rush to condemn Phantoon suspicious, as does Karzac, who points out that he (Karzac) was the first one to mention the possibility of introducing a Mafioso into the server, so it’s not like Phantoon was the grand champion of the idea or anything.

Brickroad votes for Nodal in self-defense.

More game theory, this time about how valuable titles are as a source of information. Tock says he’d raise an eyebrow at anyone using them as the crux of their argument, but they could be useful in the right situation. Brickroad says that if the Citizens can figure out a role from a title, the faction will usually follow.

Yimothy makes a long theory post, which Byron immediately jumps on as being fundamentally flawed. Byron likens Yimothy to Mazokunomiko in… M7, I think?… and votes for him. Yimothy tries to direct attention in Brickroad’s direction, but Brickroad doesn’t bite, and accuses Yimothy as well. A few players jump on the bandwagon, but others, including Phantoon and Umby, express discomfort with the idea of killing a newbie on Day 1. Shivam, for his part, says “fuck newbie immunity,” due to the fact that Karzac used it to nearly take over the game in M8.

McClain and Alpha Werewolf argue about a slip of the tongue by Wheels for what seems like hours.

Tock votes for Yimothy in order to tie the vote, then retracts it when Nodal adds his vote to the Yimothy pile, claiming he wants to see a tie for now. Karzac and spineshark note this as a potentially suspicious move. Tock later explains that he wants to see how the undecided vote when they’re under the gun, under the theory that the Mafia might vote in a bloc in the last hours of the Day to keep one of their own from dying. He admits that it doesn’t tell the Citizens much if both Yimothy and Nodal are innocent.

Nodal makes a lengthy defense post in which he points out every potentially fishy thing Yimothy has ever said. This is enough to earn the support of McClain and shivam, and Yimothy is sent to the gallows at Day’s end. He is revealed to be innocent.

Day 2
~Posts #396-779~

The Day begins with the players discovering that McClain has been killed during the night (again).

Winter opens of the discussion with a volley at Paul le Fou, and also expresses suspicion of shivam and dtsund, characterizing their votes as pivotal in killing the innocent Yimothy. He also requests that the three Day 1 abstainers (Paul le Fou, SDMX, and Tock) explain themselves, a demand Karzac seconds (along with an accusal of Tock). Widdershins is iffy about Tock and shivam, but expresses uncertainty regarding Byron. Brickroad says that it would be a mistake to let SDMX off the hook due to supposed real-life issues.

Shivam and Paul le Fou discuss Byron’s involvement in getting the Yimothy lynch off the ground. Paul le Fou accuses Byron, claiming his actions have been inconsistent with past Mafia games. Byron defends himself, saying that he’s deeply suspicious of anyone who tries the “Don’t kill me, I’m just a dumb noob!” strategy. Phantoon doesn’t buy it, and accuses Byron of aiming for low-hanging, easily-lynched fruit. (Worst metaphor ever!)

Kaisel, uncomfortable with voting for Tock, instead slings his vote in Adam’s direction. (Adam had previously been trying to shut down discussion of power roles, claiming it would give the Mafia ideas.) Phantoon praises Tock’s late-day gambit and votes for Nodal, claiming that if Nodal is dirty, that gives the Citizens all kinds of new information to work with.

Nodal notes that Byron hardly started a bandwagon against Yimothy, as only one person (botticus) voted for Yimothy based on Byron’s statements. Nodal votes for Adam instead for trying to stir up a witchhunt against Byron.

Botticus analyzes the Day 1 timeline and comes to the conclusion that Nodal is probably clean and dtsund possibly dirty. Umby, however, disputes his conclusions, claiming that the Tock bandwagon was a distraction to keep attention off of Nodal. Umby accuses Nodal. There is some more discussion along these lines, with Karzac and Byron giving their thoughts. JohnB demands explainations from dtsund and Destil, who have remained oddly silent so far today.

Umby mournfully laments getting caught in the “Umby Cycle” again.

Discussion on the last few hours of Day 1 dominates the thread, with everything else moving to the background. Tock and widdershins ask for Destil to explain himself. Karzac exhorts the Citizens to ignore what happened on Day 1 and start talking about what’s happening now, drawing the ire of Paul le Fou and Brickroad. Shivam votes for Karzac for trying to kill discussion. Brickroad votes for Alpha Werewolf, but says he might be swayed to Karzac, which he later does. Widdershins expresses skepticism with a Karzac vote, claiming it doesn’t give the Citizens any extra information, a statement Phantoon and JohnB lambast.

Alpha Werewolf analyzes Byron’s substantial posts and comes to the conclusion that he is Mafia, thanks to his playstyle matching up with M2W, the other time he’s been Mafia. Destil concurs, and votes for Byron as well. Brickroad cheerfully jumps on the Byron bandwagon, as do widdershins and Phantoon. Tock, on the other hand, doesn’t see the logic for killing Byron, and stays on Karzac instead.

With Byron receiving a solid majority, there’s some discussion as to whether he could be the Bomb and, if so, what the Citizens should do about it. Byron claims to have figured out the inevitable Nichtwist — namely, that he has a different role inside the medium and out of it. There is a lot of flailing around, mostly courtesy of widdershins, that I can’t even begin to follow. Eventually Byron is killed, revealed to be a Citizen, and nothing crazy happens. Right? [Ed. Note: Right.]

Day 3
~Posts #783-903~

The Day begins with the Citizens discovering that the Mafia targetted Alpha Werewolf during the Night, but were rebuffed.

Shivam gets things rolling by accusing Brickroad, saying that his play at the end of Day 2 was shady.

Alpha Werewolf comes clean: He is the Angel, and protected himself. He recommends looking at players who did not vote for Byron on Day 2, perhaps trying to give themselves an alibi.

Widdershins makes a long post analyzing the votes from Day 2. The primary result to come out of this is some suspicion against Dizzy, who lobbied for widdershins to reveal his role when the Citizens believed that Byron might be on the verge of blowing up in his face. However, widdershins votes for Paul le Fou, who widdershins feels was trying to get Byron lynched because the Mafia feared doing it themselves.

Karzac votes for Brickroad, pointing out that his voting record contains a lot of confirmed innocents. Brickroad claims that he will always kill Byron if possible because Byron is impossible for him to read, and that although he would never try and start a Byron-wagon himself, he’d be happy to jump on one in progress. He revenge-accuses Karzac. This arouses Alpha Werewolf’s attention, who also votes for Brickroad. JohnB says that Brickroad looks “really bad” and votes for him. Destil expresses skepticism with the speed at which the Brickroad bandwagon is accelerating.

Botticus votes for Dizzy, but says that he is open to an explanation as to why Dizzy was pressing so hard for a role reveal. Dizzy later explains that he feared that, if widdershins did die, the Citizens wouldn’t be able to learn anything from his death and the Mafia would be able to safely front his role. This excuse isn’t good enough for spineshark, who votes for Dizzy.

Nodal votes for Adam, accusing him of masterminding the Byron bandwagon. Adam points out that the Byron voting didn’t really get going until two almost-certainly-confirmed-clean players, Alpha Werewolf and widdershins, kick-started it, and votes for Nodal right back.

Paul le Fou and JohnB discuss whether Brickroad’s flavor text might be hinting as to his allegiance. Brickroad, claiming frustration with this line of logic, declares that before the Day is over, he will reveal his title and role. He also confirms that he is not in the medium.

…And, just like that, the Day ends, 24 real-time hours early, as the Limiter acts. Dizzy is leading the vote count, and is lynched. He is innocent.

Day 4
~Posts #906-1263~

The Day begins with Alpha Werewolf being targeted by the Mafia again. As he tapped his power the previous Night to save himself, this time he succumbs.

The premature end to the previous Day, before Brickroad could reveal himself, makes him look really shady, and he wastes no time in lamenting that fact. Karzac queries Brickroad regarding his actions on the previous Day. Botticus notes that Brickroad and fanboymaster’s votes were conveniently timed; about two hours before the truncated Day end. Fanboymaster argues that the smart Mafia ploy would be to not vote and then claim surprise at the premature Day ending, since it provides less information and can’t really be argued.

Kaisel posts the voting records and analyzes them. He comes to the conclusion that if Brickroad or Phantoon is guilty, Karzac likely isn’t. He also notes that Brickroad has voted for every known innocent at least once so far. Botticus wonders if there’s any value remaining in examining the pre-Byron voting on Day 2 — he claims he had planned to do so in the latter hours of the previous Day, but was preempted.

Dtsund speculates that the Mafia decided to end the Day early in order to preempt Alpha Werewolf’s habitual end-of-day suspicion post, but the joke was on them because he posted it earlier than usual. Winter later agrees that the Mafia might have panicked and wanted to curtail Alpha Werewolf’s usage as a confirmed Citizen as much as possible.

Brickroad claims that his offer of a role+title reveal was based on his being in immediate danger of a lynching. Once Dizzy pulled ahead, he didn’t feel it was necessary any more. Winter suggests lynching Brickroad just for information. Brickroad throws up his hands and reveals both his title and his role (Oracle). Widdershins argues that Brickroad’s actions make him less suspicious, not more, as a Mafioso with foreknowledge of the Limiter’s action would try and lay low during the abbreviated Day rather than make big flailing movements that look bad when the Day ends early. Widdershins likes Paul le Fou and botticus as lynch targets instead. Adam agrees that Brickroad probably just made a stupid move, rather than a malicious one.

Destil takes up the cause of the Day 3 non-voters, claiming that while a legitimate excuse it’s also a really safe place for Mafia to hide. Phantoon declares that he had resolved to only vote on the real-life third day of Days in order to keep from getting caught with his pants down by the Limiter. Widdershins also steps in, and uses it to reemphasize his suspicions of Paul le Fou and botticus.

Phantoon and kaisel circle each other warily.

Nodal votes for Brickroad, on the grounds that one of his previous votes sounds like an attempt to get into Nodal’s good graces by voting for one of his nemeses. Umby and SDMX concur and add their votes to the Brickroad pile. Karzac votes for Brickroad in order to give the lie to widdershins’s idea that he and Brickroad are allies. Brickroad shrugs and says that since his accusers have already made up their minds, there’s no point in his defending himself. Adam points out (much later) that giving up when you’re on the block is “giving a giant middle finger” to the Town, even if you’re innocent.

Paul le Fou demands that more attention be paid to Destil and spineshark, who are good players who have had a tangible effect on the game, but have managed to slide under the radar thus far.

Widdershins suggests going after Nodal, claiming that killing him would give the Citizens better information than killing Brickroad. Brickroad’s death only provides information if he’s guilty, while Nodal’s death can help no matter what his affiliation. Wheels agrees, citing M6, when Nodal was guilty and managed to fly under everyone’s nose for almost the entire game.

JohnB votes for Brickroad for not acting like his normal self, then retracts it a few posts later when Mt. Brickroad erupts.

Brickroad declares that Umby is being “willfully disingenuous” and hoping no one calls him on it. Umby claims that Brickroad is lying, and that he’s the Oracle. Falselogic muses that it’s entirely possible that the Town could have two Oracles. Brickroad accuses Umby “for obvious reasons.” Adam votes for Brickroad. Phantoon tells people to stop revealing their roles unless they’ve got real information to give, and Umby responds that he was trying to get Brickroad lynched normally, but felt he had to reveal when momentum started shifting away from him. Widdershins points out that duplicate roles don’t necessarily mean someone is lying, so Umby should shut his pie-hole and read the rules again.

Kaisel suggests getting Brickroad and Umby to simultaneously reveal how their powers work, so that the Town can hunt for discrepancies. Adam agrees.

Widdershins suggests trying to put Brickroad into the medium, and the Town can proceed based on what happens. Kaisel raises his eyebrow at this, thanks to the presence of the Troll’s role-changing power, but JohnB likes the sound of it. Widdershins concedes that the Scrambler “complicates things,” but notes that if the Mafia uses it, Brickroad might trade his relatively useless power for a better one. Adam and Nodal still want to see a powers standoff, but Tock points out that Nich might have anticipated just this strategem. Widdershins warms up even more to the medium plan, pointing out that if the players agree more-or-less unanimously to do it, the Town gains some information regarding future events.

Paul le Fou and Karzac vote against the medium plan, the first in verse, the latter calling it a “comedy of fucking errors.” (How literate!) Destil votes against it as well. Widdershins continues to defend it passionately, though. Eventually the plan gets enough support that it’s tentatively agreed upon, and discussion shifts on who to lynch today. Botticus says that, in the absence of Brickroad or Umby as viable candidates, Nodal looks like the frontrunner. Adam and Brickroad immediately vote for Nodal.

Nodal posts a long analysis of Adam’s posts, concluding with a vote for him. This is good enough for Karzac, JohnB, shivam, and Wheels, who all vote for Adam. Widdershins says that he finds Nodal to be the more compelling candidate. However, Adam reveals his role: He’s the Inspector, and fingers Destil and widdershins as likely innocents and Nodal as guilty. This shifts the momentum back in Nodal’s direction. Nodal claims the Killer role in an attempt to save himself, to no avail. Nodal is lynched, and revealed to be Mafia.

Day 5
~Posts #1266-1659~

The Day begins with the Citizens discovering that Adam has been killed by the Mafia.

Widdershins begins analyzing the fallout of the previous Day’s events. He comes to the conclusion that the Mafia really didn’t like the “put Brickroad into the medium” plan, enough so that they’d risk standing out in the crowd in order to shout it down. He notes that this makes Karzac look pretty bad (as he jumped ship from the nay voters once it became evident that the “nays” didn’t have enough traction to win) and concludes by revealing that he, rather than Brickroad, was placed in the medium last Night. This means that either a Citizen ignored the plan, Brickroad lied about not being in the medium, or Brickroad lied about not being a Mafioso, none of which are particularly comforting for the Town. (Winter adds that the Mafia might have picked someone who was already in the medium, with the resultant random selection going widdershins’s way.) However, widdershins notes that if he’s reading the titles right, the newly-activated power is the Bomb, which means he can safely reveal himself. JohnB buys into widdershins’s argument, and reveals: He is the Bomb, and Destil was the player who ignored the plan and put widdershins into the medium. Shivam confirms that JohnB is in the medium, because he (shivam) was the one who put him there.

Winter points out that Destil was one of the original anti-Brickroad-plan voters, so he may have been trusting in his own judgment rather than the wisdom of crowds. Brickroad requests a Destil digest, and poetfox (nee dtsund) complies. Poetfox comes to the conclusion that Destil could be a Mafioso, and votes for him.

Winter analyzes the voting patterns, particularly the course of events surrounding the battle between Yimothy (confirmed innocent) and Nodal (confirmed guilty) in the waning hours of Day 1. She argues that Wheels comes across the worst as a result of this (he was consistently on Nodal’s side throughout, and tried to disparage people who voted for him).

Paul le Fou and shivam like Destil as a Mafioso; as his voting patterns have been suspicious, particularly backing off a Nodal vote when Nodal was in real danger and attacking confirmed Citizens like Byron for flimsy reasons. Paul le Fou also notes that Wheels has been a bandwagoneer throughout, and his close association with Nodal doesn’t do him any favors.

Destil steps in and claims that he, too is a Bomb, and that he chose Adam the previous night in order to force another Citizen to be chosen (giving the Town another confirmed Citizen). He also claims that he was trying to get himself into the server, then bait the Mafia into killing him. Phantoon criticizes Destil’s actions, saying that even if he was on the up-and-up it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Widdershins agrees that Destil’s strategy has massive holes, and is in fact so bad that it stinks of intentional obfuscation. With that in mind, widdershins votes Destil. Winter agrees that Destil is probably dirty, but suggests leaving him alive for a Day in order to force the Mafia’s hand. Widdershins and Karzac don’t like it, but Destil obviously does, arguing that it could be used to build a voting bloc, a strategy that hasn’t been viable since M2.

Brickroad and JohnB yell at SDMX for non-participation.

There’s some long-winded dissection of the server chain and the mechanics of the Bomb role. Destil volunteers to vote for himself to prove the veracity of his story.

Both the Destil and SDMX arguments run in circles for a while. Destil insists that his plan was better than what widdershins had come up with, but Winter and Karzac argue vehemently against him, and other players pipe up as well.

Umby tries to start an investigation of fanboymaster.

Widdershins tries once again to fiddle with the voting order in order to manipulate the Bomb target.

Paul le Fou speaks in defense of Destil, pointing out that the voting for widdershins’s plan on Day 4 was neither as unanimous nor as binding as widdershins is making it out to be. He also notes that Brickroad has very conspicuously stood clear of the entire Destil debate.

Destil proposes a title-revealing/bloc-building plan, and tries to entice Brickroad into buying in. Brickroad likes the idea of a bloc, but fears he may be biased on that account, and trawls for opinions. Paul le Fou doesn’t like the plan, though, claiming it would be to difficult to get off the ground and too vulnerable while it was doing so. Surprisingly, however, widdershins approves the plan, and puts it (sigh) to another vote.

SDMX argues that Brickroad has been shielding fanboymaster, while also being instrumental in the death of three innocents, and also points the finger at spineshark and Wheels. Brickroad (much later) votes for fanboymaster just to head off this speculation.

Widdershins and Destil put their heads together and hammer out the details of the new bloc strategy. It seems to earn widespread support, with the notable exceptions of kaisel and Winter. With that finally settled (more or less, and barring a few revisions) the conversation turns to who should be killed next.

Phantoon aims for Winter, while also giving kaisel the stink-eye. Kaisel, perhaps looking to get into Phantoon’s good graces, votes for Winter. JohnB, meanwhile, votes for Wheels, while Brickroad defends him. Widdershins likes poetfox. It’s basically a giant clusterfuck, is the takeaway here. Eventually consensus seems to settle on Wheels, who is lynched and revealed to be innocent.

Day 6
~Posts #1663-1835~

The Day begins with Phantoon falling victim to the Mafia’s predations.

Widdershins says that Phantoon was the Mafia’s only real option for slowing the growth of a voting bloc, and suggests looking into poetfox, botticus, and Rai (formerly fanboymaster). Destil calls for full handle reveals in order to cut off any potential Mafia fronting actions. Widdershins says that people should only reveal if they feel comfortable doing so, and accuses poetfox. Poetfox, in turn, tries to splash mud on Destil’s planning. Destil likes SDMX instead, claiming that he’s being intentionally misleading.

Widdershins frets about the potential havoc the Swapper power could wreak.

JohnB emphasizes that if the confirmed Citizens don’t vote in a bloc, the Town doesn’t in any real sense have a bloc, and suggests that he, shivam, Destil, and widdershins all get behind one target, suggesting SDMX as the potential target. Karzac also jumps on SDMX, claiming the latter is specifically playing in such a way that he leaves as small a trail as possible (and is thus never a pressing lynch target).

Widdershins makes the poetfox case. Karzac concedes that it’s a convincing one, but notes discomfort with the idea that a Mafioso would quit the game. Brickroad says that this has happened before, and more importantly, if you’re going to stop yourself from killing poetfox over that, you’ll never catch her if she is indeed dirty. Despite, this, however, he votes for SDMX.

SDMX whines about being unfairly persecuted, and votes for Brickroad. Paul le Fou worries about botticus, spineshark, SDMX, and JohnB, but ends up voting Brickroad anyway. Brickroad amuses himself by baiting… well, basically everyone.

Widdershins calls upon the Hermit of Ascent to reveal themselves. Karzac eventually takes him up on it, and claims the title and the role of Revenant.

SDMX reveals himself as a potential Vigilante (he’s not in the medium yet), warding off several votes. Most of them fall on poetfox instead. Poetfox votes for herself for some reason. (Like turning yourself into a snake, this never helps.)

Destil performs maths and comes to the conclusion that the Citizens have basically already won and just need to play out the string with nothing unsuspecting happening.

Paul le Fou compiles the claimed handles, and he and widdershins debate what this means with regards to Mafia-hunting, but don’t come to any solid conclusions. Which can also be said for every other post in the last real-time day of the Day, I guess, because it’s mostly filler and running down the clock. Poetfox is lynched, and is innocent.

Final Day
~Posts #1838-End~

SDMX is killed during the Night, to the surprise of some.

Shivam expresses his suspicions of Winter, botticus, and spineshark after being prodded by Brickroad. Brickroad and JohnB vote for Winter, and shivam eventually follows.

Widdershins suggests killing Karzac, mostly out of a lack of more compelling alternatives. (If Karzac is the Revenant, as claimed, he’ll come back and be added to the bloc. If he’s not, he’s a liar and thus a Mafioso.) Destil agrees, and accuses Karzac. Paul le Fou, however, suggests re-reading the rules, as he feels the Citizens are being played. He later clarifies, pointing out that the Scrambler could throw a wrench in this elegant plan, and votes for Tock instead.

Almost on cue, JohnB screams that he’s been scrambled. Kaisel steps in and clarifies that he wasn’t; rather, kaisel is the Swapper and swapped powers with JohnB. Destil reveals the plan, which he and widdershins had been conducting behind the scenes: Widdershins was the original Swapper, and the Citizens have been slowly verifying each other’s identities and trying to get the Mafia to attack a Bomb.

Votes begin to pile on Tock as a result of these new revelations.

JohnB claims to have be scrambled, for real this time, cutting off any further Swapper shenanigans. Destil goes back to Karzac, but widdershins refuses to, pointing out that if JohnB is Mafia he could be lying about the Scrambler having been tapped. Caught red-handed, the Mafia surrenders en masse, but not before getting some heavy-duty trolling in first. Game over. Town wins.


1 Response to “Mafia 9 Summary: Moblashed”

  1. 1 falselogic February 12, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    I was mentioned once in this entire giant post. I will simply assume that you are saving me for more updates later =P But, as my first game I think this was a good introduction to mafia. I have some issues with how veteran players deal with beginners but those can be dealt with on TT.

    It was a really fun game and I’m glad I was able to play it with you (and everyone else) and WIN!

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