I’ve spent most of today alternatively working on the upcoming Majora’s Mask LP and perusing the Retsupurae archives. It’s, uh, been kind of polarizing.

Retsupurae is something that I kind of waffle on. I mean, I understand the premise, but… who really cares if people want to waste their time uploading crappy videos to YouTube? Nobody who has anything worth saying is going to post bad enough videos to qualify for a beatdown, and nobody who does is going to pay attention to having received one. In addition, spending time tearing down something people do in their free time and for their own amusement seems kind of petty and mean-spirited.

On the other hand, the videos are hilarious. And the LPs (and not infrequently the LPers) really are awful.

I can totally understand where they’re coming from, though. Slowbeef and Diabetus are pioneers of the LP scene, and I can’t imagine it feels too good to have your innovation diluted by hordes of clueless imitators posting videos just to hear themselves talk. (In one video, Slowbeef even says that Retsupurae is his “penance” for unleashing the LP plague on the world.) God knows the world could use more people who think about whether they really have anything to say before they decide to embark upon an LP, but… I don’t know that simply taking a bat to those fools who choose not to really helps the problem. I dunno; I just don’t think public humiliation as a social motivator is that classy a tool.

Still, though: Hilarious.

Gape in horror at some idiot beating his chest over destroying Bospider in Mega Man X (after three straight videos of failure) with a Hadoken. Snicker as one moron’s neighbors yell at him to tone down the hammy voice-acting, on-camera, mid-video. Shake your head in despair at some asshole beginning his video by pausing the game to take a phone call, then not editing said phone call delay out. Ponder how someone felt that Mario 64 at a single-digit framerate made for acceptable watching. Change tabs in order to avoid having to watch countless camcorder specials, and laugh at any number of funny accents, canned jokes, thoughtlessly-regurgitated memes, and savestate abuse.

It makes you realize just how good the worthwhile ones are. It really does.


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