Zelda in a single picture.

I spent more time than was healthy today admiring this. As I’ve mentioned, The Legend of Zelda is one of my all-time favorite series, and seeing all the characters and history piled together like that went a long way towards reminding me why. It feels like it should be on a chapel ceiling somewhere.

See if you can pick out all the following:

  1. Link, the primary hero of the series. He carries his signature weapon, the Master Sword. On his left hand, the Triforce of Courage glows.
  2. Zelda, the series heroine. She wields the Light Arrows, and her dress is a combination of several different dresses from the series. She bears the Triforce of Wisdom on her right hand.
  3. Ganondorf, the series’s primary villain. He wears his Gerudo garb from Ocarina of Time, but wields the trident from A Link to the Past. The Triforce of Power on his right hand infuses him with infinite strength.
  4. The three goddesses, Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom and Time; Farore, Goddess of Secrets, Courage, and the Wind; and Din, Goddess of Power and the Seasons. As they have never appeared directly in a Zelda game, they’re only silhouetted, and their silhouettes resemble the Oracles who bear their names, from the Flagship games.
  5. The six sages from Ocarina of Time: Rauru, the Sage of Light, with the reincarnated Sage Kaepora Gaebora on his shoulder. Impa, the Sage of Shadow, wearing the Mask of Truth. Saria, the Sage of Forest. Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit. Ruto, the Sage of Water. Darunia, the Sage of Fire, with Goron Bracelets on his wrists. Note that all six bear their respective Medallions somewhere on their outfits.
  6. The King of Hyrule, presumably the one from The Wind Waker. He carries one of the holy swords with which the Sages attempted to banish Ganondorf in the backstory to Twilight Princess.
  7. The Wind Fish, whose dream comprises all of Link’s Awakening.
  8. Great Fairies from The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess. The Ocarina/MM one carries the Great Fairy’s Sword, a hidden weapon from Majora’s Mask.
  9. The Fairy Queen from The Wind Waker.
  10. The Skyward Sword, from Skyward Sword. She is being circled by Navi, Tatl, and Ciela, Link’s companion fairies from the game (as well as Tael, Tatl’s brother). Note that the Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword over the course of the game, so the fairies’ proximity to her represents their relationship with Link.
  11. Valoo, Jabun, and the Great Deku Tree, the three guardian spirits from The Wind Waker. The Great Deku Tree is accompanied by the Great Deku Sprout, who is able to grow after Link rids the evil from Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time.
  12. Fado, the Sage of Wind, and his successor Makar, as well as Laruto, the Sage of Earth, and her successor Medli, all from The Wind Waker.
  13. Various NPC herds. From Phantom Hourglass: Linebeck, with a treasure chart. From Twilight Princess: Renado, the Kakariko Shaman; the Resistance (Rusl, Auru, Ashei, and Shad); Link’s childhood friend Ilia; Link’s horse Epona. From The Wind Waker: Tetra’s pirate crew; Link’s sister Aryll (complete with scope); Link’s grandmother. From the Oracle Games: Link’s rival Ralph; the wandering witch Maple. From Majora’s Mask: The Skull Kid; the Indigo-Gos (including Mikau, whose identity Link assumes when he wears the Zora Mask); Cremia and Romani (and, by extension, Malon); Kafei and Anju; Tingle with balloons and confetti; the Deku Royal Family and Butler (as well as an unnamed Scrub I believe we can safely assume is intended to be the ill-fated Butler’s son, who becomes Link’s Deku form); the Goron Elder and his son; Darmani’s ghost (Link’s Goron alter-ego). From Ocarina of Time: Talon and Ingo; Mido. From Link’s Awakening: Marin and Tarin.
  14. Below the NPCs are a row of various mentors, companions, and second-bananas. From left to right: The King of Red Lions from The Wind Waker; Byrne, the power-hungry warrior from Spirit Tracks; Anjean, the Lokomo Elder from Spirit Tracks; Midna, the Twilight Princess in her true form; Oshus, the human incarnation of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass; Sahasrahla, the last remaining Elder from A Link to the Past; and Ezlo, the titular Minish Cap.
  15. Between the goodies and baddies, the eerie Happy Mask Salesman stands, a fitting position for a character whose thoughts and motives are always in doubt.
  16. Below him, the major non-Ganondorf villains congregate. He is standing on Bellum, the evil spirit behind the marauding Ghost Ship in Phantom Hourglass. Elsewhere are Zant, the Usurper Twilight King, from Twilight Princess; Onox, the evil mace-wielding general from Oracle of Seasons; Veran, the shadow sorceress from Oracle of Ages; Agahnim, Ganondorf’s alter-ego (and Phantom Ganon prototype) from A Link to the Past; Vaati, the power-hungry Wind Mage, in his humanoid guise from The Minish Cap; Koume and Kotake, the twin witches who served as Ganondorf’s surrogate mothers in Ocarina of Time; the scheming Chancellor Cole from Spirit Tracks; and the falling, grimacing Moon from Majora’s Mask.
  17. Below the Moon are the five creepy Masked Children who appear during the climax of Majora’s Mask. Majora’s Mask is positioned in the center, and Goht, Twinmold, Odolwa, and Gyorg stand on either side of him, ignoring him, as they do in the game. The Children are flanked by the Four Giants, who Link summons to stop the Moon at the end of Majora’s Mask.
  18. GANON
  19. At the very bottom of the piece are several characters associated with Link himself: the Fierce Deity that Link transforms into using Majora’s Mask’s ultimate mask; Dark Link, Link’s evil doppelganger, dripping as he rises from the misty Water Temple pool from which his most memorable encounter takes place; the Hero’s Shade, a deceased warrior identified as a previous Link, and the Golden Wolf that is the Shade’s alternate form. The woman carrying an infant Link is presumably intended to be his mother, killed in the backstory to Ocarina of Time, but the character has no canonical appearance.

Seriously, this is my goddamn religion.

Notably missing: Sheik, Wolf Link, Bunny Link, Tetra, Telma and Louise, the Yetis, the Ordon Kids, Jolene, and the Wind Fish’s Nightmare.


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