The Phillies are overrated.

Chase Utley is hurt, perhaps seriously. You should not be surprised by this.

All this winter, the story has been about the Phillies’ amazing rotation, headed by the reigning Cy Young champ Roy Halladay and further improved by the addition of free agent prize Cliff Lee. The phrases “easy favorite” and “pennant lock” have been thrown around, with some observers predicting 100 wins, or even better.

I would argue that too much attention is being paid to The Rotation (however impressive it may be) and not enough to the team’s aging, creaky lineup, questionable bullpen, and complete lack of depth. Sure, if everything works out perfectly they’re a dominant team, but… when was the last time a preseason fave had everything go just according to keikaku? There are just too many questions about this team to install them as a team of historic stature before the season even begins.

They’re still the favorites, and rightfully so… but this is a beatable team. They won’t win the division at a walk.


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