Good News?

I finished the first update of the Majora’s Mask LP today! I’m going to give it twenty-four hours to percolate, then do a full re-read and edit tomorrow. Then, if all goes well, I’ll post it. It’ll be great, you guys!

(And yes, I’ll be counting LP updates as my daily post as far as this blog is concerned. My blog, my rules.)

The initial cycle of the game is pretty boring, so I hope I don’t lose too many readers. The game is really impressively detailed, but it’s kind of hard to express that while you’re trying to set up the basic framework of the game.

Now if only I can keep my Photobucket account from crashing after twelve hours, which was a recurring problem in the later parts of the Skies of Arcadia LP.

In other good news, the fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire has a release date now: July 12th. I’m not as big a fan of the series as some people (its unrelenting cynicism depresses me; I read fantasy for escapism), but I like it enough that I don’t want it hanging in limbo forever. George R.R. Martin does things with the genre that no one else even attempts, and while I’m not universally fond of those things, I’m glad someone is trying them. I’ll probably wait for the paperback just so it’ll fit on my shelf with the other ASoIaF books, but just knowing it exists at all is a load off.

My sense is that I’m nearing the end of Radiant Historia. I’m mostly still playing at this point to see the end of the story, which has been great — I’m more or less over the gameplay by this point. The low-budget nature of the game really hurts it, I think. This game needed more dungeons, more areas, and more enemy types.


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