Blacking Out

I don’t have Pokemon Black yet. But I will, eventually. And I’ve been pondering what I’m going to use when I finally do.

See, Gen V has the best regional Pokedex in the series, as far as I’m concerned. There are dozens of new monsters I could see myself using, and it’s a little intimidating to try and figure out where to start. The last time a new Generation came out I had not yet had The Pokemon Revelation, so I ended up with the exceedingly uninspiring (not to mention unoriginal) team of Infernape/Staraptor/Alakazam/Raichu/Lucario/Palkia. This time I want to stay away from the obvious unless it’s something I really like. (Lucario, for example, is about as obvious a choice as it’s possible to be, but I like his design, movepool, and stat build enough that I don’t even mind.) That means leaving aside the obvious picks like Hydreigon, Haxorus, and Excadrill.

One teambuilding method I’ve used to good effect in the past is roleplaying — that is, inventing a character, then only using Pokemon that they’d be likely to use. This has produced some interesting teams — I’ve played a spoiled, money-obsessed rich girl using Persian and Jolteon as her signature mons, a stereotypical girly-girl using Rapidash and Clefable, and a Wiccan-type using Xatu and Mismagius. I’ve also dreamed up teams for (but never got around to using) characters like a dog-lover, who only uses dog-like Pokemon, and a thief whose Pokemon help her separate people from their valuables. (Yes, I always play the girl in Pokemon. Originally this was because the male designs in Gens III and IV were unforgivably doofy and I wouldn’t be caught dead using them, but now it’s just tradition.)

So back to Black… about the only sure thing on my team is going to be the Fighting-type Mienshao, because it’s my favorite of the new Pokemon designs. I’ll probably start with Oshawott as well, because I don’t like Snivy’s stat build or moves and I’m boycotting Game Freak’s returning to the Fire/Fighting well for a third Generation in a row. Other than that, though, everything’s up for grabs.

I had an idea for one such character — a pastiche of Amelia from Slayers, a loud-mouthed, leap-before-looking “Hero of Justice” type, traveling Unova and fighting evil (as she sees it). So I’ve been scouring the Unova Pokedex looking for the kinds of Pokemon such a person would be drawn to. Stoutland seems like an obvious choice, and it’s a pretty good Pokemon as well. Braviary would fit, but it’s White-exclusive. The Musketeer legendaries would fit with the character, but I’m not going to use a legend. (Plus they’re all Fighting, meaning they share space with Mienshao.)

Gothitelle, maybe? Sawsbuck? Leavanny? I’m going to leave out Dark-types and “jerks” like Whimsicott (even though there are a lot of cool ones this Gen), because I know our hero wouldn’t use them. I shall continue to ponder it. Whatever I end up choosing, I know it’s going to be badass.


1 Response to “Blacking Out”

  1. 1 PapillonReel March 10, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    What about Bisharp? I know you said “no Dark-types” and all, but he looks like a super sentai hero and seriously, there’s no way a character expy of Amelia wouldn’t go for a Power Ranger on her team of ultimate heroic justice. Which, of course, would just make it all the more dismaying when she finds out just how evil/mischievous the Pokémon is. Sort of like when Amelia first met Lina Inverse, I suppose?

    Anyway, I’m surprised you wouldn’t go for Whimsicott, it’d make a great foil for your character (and is surprisingly good, to boot).

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