You’re joshing me.

One of my spammers would like me to know that “japan is in crisis right now”. Like I didn’t already know. I can sort of see the reasoning behind the spammers who post fake words of encouragement or criticism — the idea being, I guess, that I’d be so proud of the attention that I’d click on the link just to see who my adoring fans are. I’m not sure common-knowledge current events are the best way to accomplish that, though. If for some insane reason I had somehow avoided hearing anything about the earthquake in Japan, “random commenter on my blog” would not be the first source I’d check for news about it.

I guess it’s good that the spammers are up-to-date? I dunno.

Somebody mentioned offhand that the Braves are in first place in the Grapefruit League, which is… well, meaningless, like all Spring Training statistics. They have been playing really well, though, well enough that it’s actually begun making me a little edgy. I just know as soon as the season starts they’re going to completely collapse and go 6-13. Save it for April, guys.

The Braves had the luxury of coming into camp without a whole lot of questions or position battles to see to. All eight of their starting position players are accounted for, as are their top four starters and six-sevenths of the bullpen. Although they’ve been making noises to the contrary, the fifth starter job was never a real fight either; as long as Mike Minor’s arm doesn’t fall off, the job is his to lose.

The only real spot of interest is the bench, where they’ve got about eight players vying for three spots. Backup catcher David Ross and four corners/pinch-hitter Eric Hinske are guaranteed spots, and rightfully so, as they’re the only unambiguously good bench players on the team. It’s bizarre, though, that for all Frank Wren’s obsession with building quality depth he can’t quite find a legitimate backup shortstop or center fielder. It looks like they’re planning on going into the season pretending that Diory Hernandez is the former and Joe Mather is the latter, but that can’t be so, because neither of them can really play those positions on anything other than an emergency basis. Given that Nate McLouth isn’t exactly a dream out there in center anyway, finding a guy who could pick it should have been a priority in the offseason, but I guess we’ll have to put up with another season of Melkyesque outfield defense.

Still, there are worse issues to have. They could be the Mets, trying to convince themselves that Luis Hernandez, Starting Second Baseman won’t kill them faster than drinking Drano. If the worst issue facing the Braves is Fredi Gonzalez batting Jason Heyward sixth for some unfathomable reason, they’re in good shape.


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