Unrelated Thingies, Etc. Etc.

1) It was probably stupid of me, but I allowed myself to get my hopes up that Final Fantasy VI (nee III) would be released on Virtual Console today. It came out in Europe last week, and the U.S. and Europe have had pretty tight release schedules recently, so it seemed logical enough.

So I go to Nintendo’s website to check the press release, and see that we’re getting some wrestling game for the Super Nintendo that I’ve never heard of instead. Gutpunch! Thanks for that, Nintendo!

We’ll probably get it sometime in the next couple of weeks anyway (probably after they’ve teased us with the good-but-come-on-not-Final-Fantasy-VI Super Adventure Island and Lufia 1 first), but ugh. It’s not like I couldn’t play FFVI in some form if I really wanted to, but still…

2) Majora’s Mask update tomorrow, in all likelihood. Look forward to it! I deviate from my schedule in this one and end up doing a few things earlier than I’d planned. Shock! Awe!

3) The Phillies signed Luis Castillo to a minor league deal not 24 hours after he was released by the Mets, of all people. This is about as much hilarity as can be found in a baseball transaction not involving Jeffy Francoeur.

I’ve been banging the “the Phillies are overrated” drum since before it was cool, but take a look at that lineup, sans Chase Utley and Jayson Werth:

C Carlos Ruiz
1B Ryan Howard
2B Luis Castillo
3B Placido Polanco
SS Jimmy Rollins
LF Raul Ibanez
CF Shane Victorino
RF Ben Francisco

Does that look like the lineup of a 100-game winner to you?

It’s a lineup with some famous names, but the major problem is that its famous names are by and large no longer good. About the only players on the team with a good chance of putting up an above average season are Carlos Ruiz (who is nonetheless likely to fall back from his 2010 levels thanks to a normalization of his BABIP), Ryan Howard (who is likely the most overrated player in all of baseball), and Shane Victorino (who could nevertheless drop a .250/.310/.400 season at any time). More importantly, it’s an old team — they’ve got a lot of guys who can be expected to decline, not many who can be expected to improve, and no help on the way.

I guess what I’m saying is that their starting rotation had better be historically great, because they’re not going anywhere if it disappoints even a little. Pray for 1000 IP, Phillies Phans. This division is looking more winnable all the time.

4) You ever have one of those ideas that you can’t get out of your head but have no means of bringing to fruition? I’ve had one of those bouncing around my skull for the last couple of days. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime.


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