Yet another “no-effort-thanks-to-baseball” post.

1) I don’t know who at General Electric has a fetish for creepy uncanny-valley CGI animals, but I wish they’d keep it out of their commercials. It’s freaking me out.

2) Speaking of commercials, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Zach Snyder’s new movie Sucker Punch recently. That’s a movie that I really wish would be good, even though I don’t have much hope for it, because it seems like it contains all manner of stuff I like in a film: Crazy over-the-top action and a really distinctive sense of style. (And hot chicks, but that’s a given.) Given Snyder’s career body of work, though, chances are it’ll be an uneven, chaotic, vaguely-masturbatory mess.

3) Fangraphs hilariously selected Seattle as the seventeenth-best organization in baseball one year after laughably selecting them as the sixth-best, a year in which the Mariners lost 100 games and saw little to no progress with regards to their farm system. (Their ranking of Seattle has having the fifth-best farm system in baseball is truly giggletastic.)

Obviously organizational rankings are more of a conversation-starter than anything, but if you’re Dave Cameron don’t you have to grade Seattle a little more harshly, knowing that your credibility (such as it is) is in question here? Why give your critics more ammunition to pelt you with? People will snipe at you about prospect rankings or the weight you put on market size, sure, but those seem like less biting criticisms than an accusation of bias for or against certain organizations. I guess that’s why I don’t have my own baseball site.


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