Mafia 10 Summary: MafiaHack

I’d been looking forward to this one for a while, because I was interested in seeing how an item-based game would play out. As it turned out, though, a couple of key early errors by prominent Citizens pretty much completely fucked the Town over. They still could have won, but the odds were pretty severely against them.

Original thread, with rules, is here.

Day 1
~Posts #8-276~

After the initial spray of rules clarifications, McClain kicks off real discussion by asking how much, if anything, players should reveal about items. Namelessentity says that it depends on the item, while spineshark declares that players should reveal at their own risk. Karzac and Luana agree that there’s little profit in revealing.

Brickroad votes for McClain for the lulz.

Nich outs himself as the Wizard, and claims to have a ring of life saving, which would save him from death once. He says that he revealed as an attempt to create a confirmable innocent: If the Mafia tries to kill him, they’ll waste their turn, giving the Citizens more time, and if the Town lynches him, it won’t reduce their numbers. Yimothy jumps on a potential inconsistency between Nich’s account and the rules text. JohnB claims to trust Nich “without reservation”, but Brickroad wants the inconsistency explained. Nich claims to have “magically” received an extra item, which would point to a GM error if true.

McClain votes for Brickroad for being Brickroad, causing Brickroad to whine about the Brickroad Cycle. (Brickroad Brickroad Brickroad.) Nich says he trusts Brickroad so far in this game. Wheels demands an explanation for Brickroad’s vote of McClain, and Brickroad claims that he’s trying to keep McClain on the radar. (McClain had said he’d be unable to post for a while due to real life issues, and such players have a history of being overlooked by the Town even after they return.)

Tock suggests having Nich use his least-useful item to confirm him, but Brickroad says the Town shouldn’t waste a potential advantage just to alleviate suspicion. Nich accuses Tock. Wheels and Destil follow along, although Destil sardonically notes that this “always works”. Destil also reminds the Town that the Mafia have a good deal of unknown information as well in this variant, so lying Citizens may be a more defensible strategy than usual. Nich says that Wheels’s Tock vote was shameless bandwagoning and votes for Destil, daring Wheels to follow him.

There is a lot of bitchiness. Votes fly in all directions, rapid-fire.

The Giant Head claims that the Mafia are probably keeping their heads down, so anyone loud is probably safe. This earns him attention from Paul le Fou, who calls upon him to defend himself. The Giant Head does so, and votes for Karzac. Kaisel points out that the usual culprits for Day 1 lynches are almost never Mafia.

There is some theorycrafting regarding the bidding process and which side has the late-game advantage, courtesy of kaisel, botticus, and poetfox. Kaisel worries that the Mafia will just be able to force through bids in the late game, while poetfox points out that the Town has much more money total. Dizzy whines about the opaqueness of the bidding.

Shivam doesn’t read the rules, earning votes from JohnB and Dizzy, to Brickroad’s amusement. JohnB retracts his vote almost instantly and wanders in kaisel’s direction instead, apparently for being too nice (and trying to drum up support for item revealing). Poetfox agrees and votes for kaisel as well, as does Nodal (although the latter does so mostly because he finds the other candidates to be dumb).

Nich is still suspicious of Tock, and resumes trying to build momentum against him.

Kaisel, who is leading the vote, accepts his fate, and points fingers at JohnB, Luana, and Yimothy. He is lynched and revealed to be innocent.

Day 2
~Posts #278-507~

The Day begins with the players discovering that McClain JohnB has been killed during the Night.

Nich immediately comes forward with a reveal: He is not actually the Wizard. According to Nich, the faux reveal was bait, an attempt to get a few people to accuse him. Since Mafia would not want the Citizens to attempt a lynch that did no harm to the Town’s chances, they would try to steer the lynch in a different direction. Unfortunately, no one bit. However, Nich still votes for Tock. Brickroad says that Nich is “full of shit”, and that he can prove it: The real Wizard sent him a long message expressing a desire to see Nich dead. Nich tries to talk his way out of the noose, but Brickroad isn’t having any of it, and Tock agrees.

Destil goes over the possibilities, and Karzac concedes that Nich might even be telling the truth. Destil agrees, noting that Nich’s plan sounds more like “something poorly thought out by a glory hog citizen” than a Mafia ploy, especially considering Nich did so without being able to consult with anyone else about it. Spineshark, however, says that no Town would deliberately kill a claimed power role on Day 1, and that Nich is an experienced enough Mafia player to know that.

Poetfox speculates that the real Wizard messaged Brickroad because he knew Brickroad wasn’t subtle enough to keep a lid on it, but Brickroad reveals that the reasoning was metagame-y in nature.

Dizzy and Luana fight for a while about the latter’s participation in the previous day’s kaisel lynch.

Yimothy posts some speculation about the identities of items. Poetfox and Paul le Fou smack their foreheads, with the former warning in addition that there’s a high probability that future Scrolls of Mail may be Mafia forgeries.

Brickroad and Nich fight some more about the wisdom of Nich’s plan, with Brickroad continuing to argue that the simplest answer (that Nich is a lying Mafioso) is the best, and Nich arguing that his actions don’t make any sense from a Mafioso’s perspective.

Destil mentions something about item identification that seems a little too specific for Paul le Fou’s tastes, who points it out as “interesting”. McClain immediately calls Paul le Fou on this, and Nodal says that this kind of fearmongering without the force of votes in absolutely poisonous to the Town’s chances.

Yimothy argues that JohnB was killed because he was the Wizard, and made the mistake of giving his stuff to a Mafioso (namely Brickroad). Botticus likes the sound of this, and says he’ll vote for Brickroad tomorrow if Nich turns up clean.

Luana says that she’s still not sure about Nich’s guilt. Shivam agrees, but points out that discussion of Nich will dominate the game until the Citizens know for sure one way or the other, and votes for Nich to that end, as does Wheels. Destil warns that a landslide vote against Nich tells the Town nothing either way, and votes for Luana to stir up some discussion. A number of players unvote Nich in order to extend the Day and allow for more discussion, and The Giant Head gets some attention.

Dizzy posts a long, long analysis of Nich a few hours before the end of the Day. That thing is way too long for me to read. But I might anyway. Anyway, the gist of it is that Dizzy thinks Nich is innocent, but is going to vote for him anyway.

Nich wins the vote pretty handily. He is lynched, and revealed to be innocent.

Day 3
~Posts #507-723~

The Day begins with poetfox being killed by the Mafia and Wheels being killed by a Wand of Death.

Yimothy immediately votes for Brickroad, citing the latter’s forcing through of a Nich lynch. Namelessentity, meanwhile, accuses Tock, saying that he was willing to attack Nich when public opinion was with him, but ignored it when namelessentity and Wheels called for Tock’s head — and isn’t it convenient that Wheels is now dead?

McClain argues that Wheels’s death was the result of the Mafia, as he can’t see Citizens waving around Wands of Death this early. Destil, however, argues that using a Wand of Death isn’t necessarily a bad idea if you feel strongly enough about your suspicions.

Brickroad admits that both he and the Wizard “fucked up”, but says that Nich, innocent or no, had it coming for trying such a dangerous and risky ploy. He confirms that the Wizard is still alive and still in communication, and says that the Wizard suspects The Giant Head (as did poetfox). Brickroad votes for him. Destil says this seems sound enough, and votes for The Giant Head.

McClain asks for reasons why the Wand of Death-er shouldn’t come forward. Karzac points out that they could just as easily be Mafia, so there’s no trusting what they say.

Nodal votes for Yimothy for generally suspicious behavior and backpedaling. Yimothy scoffs at these suspicions and continues throwing dirt on Brickroad, declaring him a Mafioso who killed the Wizard and is now attempting to front the role.

Paul le Fou notes that Brickroad could have been entirely truthful with the Town and still be guilty. He also mentions the names of Destil, Tock, and The Giant Head as potential suspects. Yimothy continues to make the case that Brickroad is lying, but Brickroad waves Occam’s Razor around and says that even if he’s guilty, he has every reason to be truthful with regards to item acquisitions/functions.

Votes begin to pile up against The Giant Head based on the combined suspicions of poetfox and the supposed Wizard, with Karzac accusing him of trying to subtly manipulate the Town.

Dtsund extends the Day 24 real-world hours due to various and sundry real-life stuff.

Botticus and spineshark vote for Tock, claiming that the deaths are just too conveniently trail-covering. Spineshark also points out that Nich was on to Tock before he was lynched. Dizzy demands more of a justification for the Giant Head bandwagon than Brickroad’s claim of the Wizard’s suspicions. Brickroad and Dizzy fight for a page or so, with Dizzy engaging a parallel battle with Tock in the background.

Shivam mentions offhandedly that he wanted to see poetfox live, and a massive shitstorm is stirred up about what he meant and why he said it. Like most shitstorms, this one ends up being sound and fury (and shit) signifying nothing.

The Giant Head reveals that he is the Tourist and that he was not the player who killed Wheels. There is a flurry of withdrawals, and Brickroad is left flat-footed.

Tock, perhaps feeling the pinch of being the vote leader, posts a long analysis that he’d been sitting on. He claims to have a Ring of Warning.

Brickroad claims to have information that he can’t reveal yet, and hops on the Tock bandwagon. He says he gave away his wooden ring.

Tock is lynched. He is revealed to be innocent. He also has tits, apparently.

Day 4
~Posts #724-813~

The Day begins with the players discovering that Paul le Fou was killed during the Night, and that Destil was hit with a potion of sickness, preventing him from speaking anything other than votes for the rest of the Day.

Destil, despite his indisposition, wastes no time in throwing an accusation against Dizzy. Brickroad quickly follows suit, and tells the person who sent him mail last night to “follow [his] lead.”

Luana, meanwhile, votes for Brickroad, wondering loudly why he’s not dead.

Spineshark claims to be able to confirm that Brickroad had been telling the truth about red potions being potions of sickness, and claims responsibility for poisoning Destil. McClain demands to know why spineshark poisoned his main suspect, as the most reliable source of information about the Mafia (barring power roles) has been to catch them in a lie, and Destil can’t lie if he can’t talk. Spineshark defends his choice, though, saying that Destil can’t divert attention from himself if he can’t talk, and that he didn’t feel the need to silence anyone else.

Brickroad confirms that the Wizard is still alive, and says that they’re in agreement that Dizzy is the most suspicious living player. Brickroad also says that he believes The Giant Head is a Mafioso fronting Tourist, but that Dizzy is more dangerous, so he should die first.

Botticus votes for Dizzy as an attempt to get him to open up, and grouses about being left out of Brickroad’s behind-the-scenes chat. He also points out that Karzac, Destil, and The Giant Head are the only living players to have consistently been the target of known innocents.

Dizzy attempts to bait Destil into testing the limits of his sickness restrictions. Nodal is not amused, and Brickroad speculates that Dizzy is trying to get Destil modkilled. Yimothy votes for spineshark, accusing him of lying about the way the rules work.

Dizzy sallies forth on a number of subjects, including the Brickroad-Wizard connection, about which he is largely ignored. Brickroad intimates that he is none too happy with having hitched his wagon to the Wizard’s star.

Dizzy breaks out some math in the waning hours of the Day, after more discussion has died. He claims based on this that Luana, botticus, Destil, McClain, and Karzac have the best chance of being Mafia. Also, at the very end, he claims to have been in contact with the Wizard and confirms that Brickroad is not lying.

The Day ends and Dizzy is lynched. However, he has a Ring of Life Saving, which revives him without revealing any information regarding his allegiance.

Final Day
~Posts #815-End~

Shivam is replaced by Eddie during the Night, then immediately killed.

Karzac suggests that Eddie’s death is an attempt by the Mafia to give the Town as little information as possible.

Namelessentity demands an explanation from Dizzy, who spent the previous day sparring with Brickroad despite believing him to be innocent. Karzac points out that Dizzy having a ring of life-saving doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t Mafia. Botticus notes that if Dizzy knew he wasn’t going to die, being a distraction for the entire Day wasn’t the best use of his time. Botticus also demands that the Wizard come forward. Brickroad confirms that the Wizard is still alive, but says that revealing is their call. Destil concedes the point, and reveals himself as the Wizard.

Destil says he would have revealed yesterday if he hadn’t been under the influence of spineshark’s potion of sickness. He also reveals everything he knows about item functions and locations, but warns anyone who has a ring of life saving or a scroll of scare monster to not come forward.

Spineshark reveals that he was the other player in contact with Brickroad. Destil continues trawling for all the hard information he can manage.

Botticus types that he spent 51 zorkmids on something, then corrects himself and says that it was actually 41. Destil and Brickroad immediately jump on this, with Brickroad pointing out that this is an oddly specific number to bid and claiming that it might be a cover for a Mafia slip-up. Botticus defends himself somewhat, then tries to change the subject to Dizzy. Dizzy claims that the entire previous Day was a farce; that he was trying to get himself killed so he could smoke out a guilty party.

McClain begins grilling Nodal, who received a worthless wand from The Giant Head but claims to still be sitting on his own money. Luana makes the same claim.

Brickroad claims that he still mistrusts Dizzy, and votes for him. He also says he doesn’t trust botticus. Karzac accuses namelessentity on the grounds that he’s received no voting attention whatsoever thus far. Spineshark likes his reasoning, and seconds him. McClain and Nodal vote for Dizzy. The case against namelessentity begins to build up steam, until Dizzy makes a rules error that draws suspicion to McClain and, by extension, himself.

Destil posts long digests of every player, then votes for Dizzy. Dizzy’s aggressive play continues to draw votes, until he’s the nearly-unanimous selection. He is lynched (again), and revealed to be innocent. Game over. The Mafia wins.


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