Opening Day! Whoo!

It’s tomorrow! At long last! Forgive me if my post tomorrow isn’t very long or coherent, because I will be busy absorbing the sweet, sweet nectar that is the first real baseball after a long, dead, boring winter. It should totally be a national holiday.

This year I’m going to try and keep my emotions in check a little more with regards to the Braves. I’m known in certain quarters for being a bit short-tempered when they aren’t playing as well as I know they’re capable of, and I’d hate to see that kind of sophomoric immaturity recorded for posterity on this blog. Besides, they’ve got a tough schedule this April (and the Phillies have a soft one), which is something to keep in mind if they don’t start out white-hot. If they can hang around .500 the first month of the season and avoid major injuries I’ll be perfectly satisfied going forward.

Comcast finally added the two MASNs, which is the local sports network for the Nationals and Orioles, to our channel lineup this year after years of denying it to us for no reason that we could determine. For some reason, we lived in the broadcast zone for two major league teams but were apparently not good enough to actually bother broadcasting those teams’ games to. So we’d end up blacked out whenever ESPN picked up a Nationals game or whatever, but we didn’t get the quid pro quo, which is regular local broadcasts. Thankfully, this has finally been rectified, so we’ll be getting major league games on a daily basis instead of whenever ESPN and FOX feel like it. It’s not as good as being able to see the Braves every day would be, but it’s better than nothing — any game at all is better than no game as far as I’m concerned, and what with the Nationals being in the NL East we’ll get to see the Braves 19 times, at least — including the opening series.

I am so pumped, you guys. You wouldn’t believe it. I’m actually giddy. Let the games begin!


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