In which Tanto reveals himself to be a liar.

Yes, I said that the Majora’s Mask LP would be updated today… because I was under the impression that the Braves played tonight and I’d have all afternoon to work on it. As it turns out, though, they had yet another day game — their fourth in a row. Who plays four day games in a row? Usually I do all my interneting in the afternoon, which includes my writing, and my gaming and televisioning in the evening. I find it difficult to multitask when baseball, or at least the Braves, is involved, so I’m sure the writing would have suffered if I’d tried to do it with one eye on the television. Tomorrow, I swear. I checked the schedule and everything — Braves play at 8 eastern.

Comcast is giving us a free preview of the Extra Innings package this week, which is their out-of-market baseball broadcasts, so I’m getting to see them live even though they’re no longer in Washington. Any yother day, I’d have to listen to the game on the radio or watch the play-by-play on some website. Surely I’m obligated to take advantage of this bounty while I can, right?



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