Majora’s Mask LP: Part 4

Finally. Woodfall Temple and aftermath. Read, and grow fat.


1 Response to “Majora’s Mask LP: Part 4”

  1. 1 Master Knight DH April 7, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Since I can’t get properly registered on Talking Time for some retarded reason…

    My comments:
    *Bottles can be used to carry Fairies. Of course, Fairies themselves are broken in Majora’s Mask. 10 heart auto-revival WTF. And it’s likely you’ll find at least one Fairy to bottle near an Owl Statue. I primarily use the Milk Road Owl Statue to load up on Fairies out the fucking ass.
    *You don’t flatly need the Pictobox for the third dungeon. I showcase why in one video on the playlist I link to.
    *I didn’t realize Hiploop was Helmasaur’s JP name. Hunh.
    *You would sell the Deku Princess for money? You monster! You better not try to sell the Zora Eggs!

    By the way, saw your Super Mario RPG LP trying to see who would know about the cursor trick. For the record, I never heard of Geno Flash utterly destroying mooks like nobody’s business. I was already getting through the game using Princess Toadstool in general. Seriously, she’s a walking goddess who makes Sensei in Dual Strike look like an outright Joke Character.

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