Brief Thoughts

1) As far as simple pleasures go, is there anything better than a simple cardboard tube? Not to get all Cardboard Tube Samurai on you, but there is a very visceral, hindbrain pleasure to hitting things with a stick. My parents finished off a roll of wrapping paper yesterday and I’ve been swiping and poking things with the leftover tube ever since. Apparently the feel of a cardboard tube in my hand causes me to regress into a nine-year-old.

2) Stopped by the library today and grabbed a few new books to read, including the next two books in the Codex Alera series. I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the plot twists in this series already plotted out in my mind, but hopefully the books will be worth reading despite that.

I’ve also decided to try for yet another false start at getting into Guy Gabriel Kay, checking out Sailing to Sarantium. I’ve noted before that I can recognize Kay’s obvious technical talent without being able to get more than a chapter or so into his books due to them being horribly slow to get going. I don’t really have any illusions that this attempt will go any better, but I feel like I owe it to myself to at least give it a shot.

Finally, and against my better judgment, I grabbed Tad Williams’s Shadowrise. Don’t ask me why — I read the first two books in the series and could not have been more bored. Characters that range from merely boring to actively unlikeable, extremely slow-moving plot with lots of needlessly obfuscated or disconnected elements, nothing really gripping. I guess I kind of feel that I’ve read so many words by now that I at least deserve to see the ending, even though I’m kind of rooting for the bad guys at this point. I also haven’t even thought about the series in literally years, so it’s likely I’ll go into it feeling completely lost. So that should be fun.

3) Braves host the Phillies tonight. I’m not optimistic. The Phillies have been playing pretty badly themselves lately (and still winning, but mostly because their opponents have been awful), but I don’t have much confidence in the Braves offense’s ability to beat a genuinely good pitcher right now, and Cliff Lee certainly qualifies. I suppose I could be surprised.

4) I don’t think I’ve played so much as a minute of any video game since baseball season started. I should probably rectify this, given that they’re one of my main inspirations for posts.


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