Mafia 11: Intrigue at Sea

A new game of Talking Time Mafia has started up. This time, there’s a twist. Namely, I’m playing in it.

The reason this came to pass was that, a long time ago, I made it clear that I would never summarize a game in which all players could communicate freely outside the thread. Certain roles, sure. Constrained by a resource, sure. But just whenever? I didn’t see the point. The (extremely rough and largely improvised) idea behind the summaries was that they were to be written from the perspective of a normal player with no external sources of information, containing only what information could be gleaned from the thread. If all the pertinent information was being exchanged in shadowy, hidden PMs, to the point where an observer was less informed than even the most clueless player, what was the point of sifting through all that other, less-relevant stuff?

At the same time, though, I’d been wanting to actually get into a game for myself, so once a variant was decided upon that allowed free PM-ing at night, I jumped on it. It’s not exactly what you’d call a representative Mafia game, because it’s more of an “every man for himself”-style ruleset than the team-based games we’ve stuck to so far, but it’ll do.

Thread is here, with rules, so you can watch me screw up royally if you’re of a mind.

As an aside: I really wish the Braves would stop swinging at everything. It’s causing me something akin to physical pain.


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