Busy busy busy!

Job interview, mowing the lawn, helping my sister move, and a fast-paced Mafia game are eating up my time today. I was hoping to gather screenshots for the next Majora’s Mask update today, but that ended up not being on my plate.

The Braves are still wallowing in mediocrity… but I pretty much expected that. Tough April schedule, and they haven’t really gelled as a team yet. There’s no real shame in getting dominated by Cole Hamels or Josh Johnson, after all… but it still feels bad. I’m trying to keep my emotions in check, but…

I got the third and final ending for both characters in Muramasa: The Demon Blade last night. Muramasa’s a fun game and a beautiful game, but it’s a deeply shallow one (both in terms of gameplay and story), so there’s not a whole lot there to talk about. Make Momohime’s second ending canon!

Vanillaware announced a new game, but it’s a PSP game, and I don’t have one. It’s a bit of a shame, really — but not much of one. Vanillaware’s awesome graphical capabilities seem wasted on a portable screen.

Marvelous has also announced a new game, and it’s about Japanese schoolgirls/ninjas having their clothes shredded… in 3-D! This recent fad of clothing damage in Japanese games is deeply disturbing to me, really. Am I really going to have to chose between pandering, sexist, exploitative, vaguely embarrassing, borderline-pornographic eastern games and dreary, ugly, lifeless western games starring roided-up freaks? Is there no video game company with even the slightest pretension towards emotional maturity and good taste? When people whine about video games not being taken seriously as an art form, they might want to take a look at the fact that hyped-up enthusiast games are The Third Birthday on one hand and Gears of War on the other. They might be fun to play, but they don’t endear games (or gamers) to the wider audience.


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