There will probably be a Majora’s Mask update Thursday.

That’s about all I’ve got, for today. Actually, I don’t really know why it hasn’t come out sooner; it’s not like I’ve been swamped by other things recently. I mean, I’ve had more on my plate recently than I had previously, but not that much more. Today, for example, I’ve spent the day doing nothing much.

It looks like our most recent Talking Time Mafia game has come to a (premature?) end. It was fun at first, but the latter half could not have been more dull as far as I’m concerned. The ruleset seems designed such that the optimal strategy is also a boring, uninteresting strategy: Pool information to hunt down the Infiltrator, then get into an alliance and use its voting power to bull your way to the end. I don’t have any particular problem with people using the best strategy… this isn’t sour grapes or sore loserism. I’m of the opinion that if the winning tactic is legal under the rules, you should use it. The problem is that this strategy creates a gamestate where the bread-and-butter of Mafia — talking — is deemphasized. There was almost no discussion whatsoever in the thread once the Infiltrator was thrown overboard — everyone just voted along strict alliance lines, used items if they had them, and that was it. I’m glad I decided to play, because just reading the thread (as I had been doing) would have been excruciating. My enthusiasm to play drained quite rapidly once we reached the stage of the game where nothing you could possibly say would help you.

My impression was that Brickroad, who designed the ruleset, was trying to emphasize the individual game to a greater extent than previous games had, creating an every-man-for-himself feel. It’s unfortunate, then, that this game ended up being dominated by a bloc moreso than any game since the very beginning of TT Mafia. It’s a learning experience, to be sure.


1 Response to “There will probably be a Majora’s Mask update Thursday.”

  1. 1 kaisel April 26, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    I’m waiting for the official end before commenting more, but I tend to agree, the end game was pretty dull, and trying to go it alone was a good way to lose. Still, should open up interesting discussion afterward.

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