Regular programming returns

1) You know, I’m not entirely sure that I understand advertising anymore. I understand its intended purpose, of course, but I can’t see why anyone would be swayed into altering their purchasing habits based on what they’ve heard in commercials. I’ve been listening to the Braves’ series against the Milwaukee Brewers on XM Radio and there’s a commercial that keeps coming up that just baffles me.

Basically, it’s this guy getting on a soapbox and giving a Henry V speech to his comrades about how tonight is a wonderful night and how they should enjoy it. He concludes by saying that they should all go get drunk, to thunderous applause. Yay beer! Okay, so what was the purpose of the motivational speech? Are any of these guys really going “You know, I’d get drunk, but I just don’t see the point, you know? I think this night might be too crappy for it.” The speaker hears that and goes “What’s this? No! Gather everyone so that I might divulge my mind to them.”

It seems to me that he could have just said “Let’s go get drunk” and saved himself some oxygen.

2) I don’t use Twitter, and am skeptical with regards to its legitimate usages. I do, however, think we owe it a debt of gratitude for its one great contribution to society: Impostor accounts. I’m thinking specifically things like Cyborg Tommy Hanson and the numerous faux-GM accounts, not actual malicious attempts to pass yourself off as another person. That’s a grade of comedy you can’t get on a message board or a blog — at least not easily.

That’s somewhat gratifying, actually — no matter what the form of communication, people will find a way to communicate, and laugh, and embrace their commonality through it. If I were the mushy type I’d write about how reaffirming that is.

3) Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is super-good and you should listen to it if you’re at all interested in the subject.

4) I wish I had more time to play games these days. :(


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