Family Life

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I was able to get my mother something for the first time in a few years. (The last couple of years, I’ve been so broke that I wasn’t able to do anything.) It wasn’t anything amazing — I’m still not swimming in it or anything — but it was more than nothing, and I was happy to finally be able to do it.

I realize that I’m extremely lucky in that I’ve got the kind of idyllic home life that everyone wants, but no one seems to have. It’s so idyllic, in fact, that when I was much younger I thought that having an unhappy childhood was as much a fiction as dragons and unicorns. I eventually got over that as I came into contact with more people and exposed myself to their stories, but even today when someone mentions offhandedly that their parents are divorced or that they’re not on speaking terms with their family, my ears kind of quirk up, because that’s not how things are supposed to be.

Not only have my parents been together my entire life, they haven’t even had any serious difficulties that I’m aware of. Moreover, they’ve been entirely loving and supportive to me and my sister in our various endeavors and difficulties over the years. If I occasionally feel like a disappointment to them, that’s my own issue, not a result of anything they’ve said or done.

Plus, they’re great people. My mother is willing to, and has, made any sacrifice necessary for our sake, and my father is a fantastic role model. I’d sell my soul to be half the man my father is — he’s an affable, friendly man who is successful personally and professionally and takes his responsibilities seriously and has never said a harsh word to anyone so far as I know. Some people who have crappy lives are able to blame their troubles on a poor upbringing, but I know that I never will — whether I become a miserable failure or not, I’ll know that my parents gave me every advantage they could and supported me every step of the way. As I grow older and more mature, I understand just how significant — and how rare — that really is, and I become more grateful to them with every passing year.

tl;dr: My parents are super-great. Yay!


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