Random Thoughts and Whatnot

1) I was listening to a trance podcast during work last night and the DJ mentioned offhandedly that the theme of this episode was older music — stuff from eight or ten years ago. He then made a point of saying that he’d had to work off of vinyl for a few of the songs. I’m no DJ, but… I’m pretty sure they had CDs in 2002. I’m pretty sure they were cheap as dirt, actually!

2) Get paid Thursday. Then: Pokemon Black. Aw yeah. I know that the second I’ve handed over my money Serebii’s going to update with an announcement for Pokemon Gray, but I don’t care. I also know that transferring Pokemon from my Gen IV games is going to be a non-starter until I finally get my hands on a 3DS, but I don’t care about that, either. Two months is too long to wait for a new Pokemon adventure.

3) I haven’t written about video games in a while because, well, I haven’t really played any video games in a while. Basically my entire gaming time for the past two weeks or so has been spent screwing around with challenges in Kirby Super Star’s Arena. I’ve completed several No-Tomatoes/ADD challenges (switch your power after every fight), which was easier than expected. I still haven’t pulled off the no-damage Mirror run, but I’ve only tried it a few times and I still feel it’s inevitable.

The real problem is that I just haven’t felt like playing games when I’ve had time to do so. Hopefully now that I’ve got a regular paycheck and a better sense of what my schedule looks like, I’ll be able to squeeze more play in, and thus have more subjects to write about.

4) I’m thinking Mafia summaries are done, though. I was getting a little bored with them even before I got this job, and now that my free time has been curtailed I can’t see spending what I have left on that. It was one thing when I was unemployed and simply spent sixteen hours a day pissing around with nothing better to do, but now…


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