I are dumb.

My fortitude with regards to the Ocarina of Time remake is already wavering. And I’m considering buying Chrono Trigger for the third time when it comes out on Virtual Console next Monday. Seriously, I have no willpower whatsoever.

I noted while reading previews that Ocarina’s original English script will be returning virtually intact, with almost no updates except on the periphery (which I take to mean is original content). On one level, that makes some sense — it’s one thing for games with indifferent or inaccurate translations like Final Fantasy IV to get touched up whenever they’re remade, but there wasn’t anything wrong with Ocarina’s translation back in 1998 and there isn’t anything wrong with it now. It does strike me as a little weird that we’re moving into an age when we can remake games that I still think of as “modern”, though… A lot of older games needed remakes, because they were compromised in some way or another in their original form. Games that are around ten years old now don’t really fit that description, though.

I’d almost convinced myself to get a PSP, but the 3DS is seriously tempting me. My plan to wait for E3 before deciding is still holding up fine, but all it would take is one or two megaton announcements to sell me on the new system at this point.

Monster World IV is also being localized, I saw today. I don’t love that game or anything, but it’s of a genre that’s underdeveloped, in my opinion. Why aren’t there more games in that mold, again?


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