Missed an update yesterday, want to fight about it?

1) The reason for that is because I spent maybe an hour in front of a computer yesterday, and that hour was coming off of four hours’ sleep. I’m still trying to do it daily, but if it’s not feasible it’s not feasible. The challenge is going to be to make myself write as much as I can anyway instead of saying “Hell, I’m not doing the daily thing anymore anyway; might as well clock out early today.”

2) Irony is the knowledge that the only thing worse than having your job is the possibility of losing it.

3) The Braves beat the Phillies two out of three again… it was mostly a fluky thing, but hey, I’ll take it. Besides, it’s not like the Phillies haven’t been rolling in lucky wins this season.

I don’t really have a lot to say on the Braves… they’re not playing great, but they’re not playing awfully either. They’re swimming around in that vague “respectable, but not amazing” zone that, you know, isn’t enough to incense me or anything, but also won’t win them any extra minutes on SportsCenter. It seems like for every thing that goes right, something else breaks down… most recently Brandon Beachy’s oblique. I’m not really worried (as long as they stay reasonably close, they’ll have a chance), but I’m not entirely enthused, either. If they could get Dan Uggla going, then they’re really have something.

3) I haven’t been able to pay as much attention to the rest of the league as I’d like to, unfortunately. Usually I have a fairly good sense of the baseball scene at any given time; knowing who’s hot and who’s not, what teams are excelling and who’s disappointing, what the major injuries and setbacks are. I don’t feel I have that this year, though… probably because I haven’t had as much time to devote to it. I’m not even sure I could name all the first place teams, not that it matters much this early… Rays, Indians, Rangers, Phillies, Reds, Rockies, maybe?

Come to think of it, all I really know for sure is the gossipy tabloid shit coming out of New York, Boston, and LA. Oh, and that Jose Batista is really good. Oh, God, what have I become?

4) Still plugging away at Pokemon. I spoiled myself rather extensively on new Pokemon, plot, characters, movesets, and postgame back when the games first came out, but I didn’t really have a good sense of how the world itself was put together, and I think I really prefer it that way. Pokemon is best played with a guide (more specifically, a Pokedex) close at hand, but nothing quite beats exploring a new region for the first time. I love looking in all the little nooks and crannies to see what might be found there.

B/W have to be the strongest on presentation in the whole series, too. Coming over the bridge into Castelia City is more cinematic and atmospheric than Pokemon has ever attempted before, and I think I like it. Graphically, there wasn’t a whole lot in Gen IV that couldn’t have been done on the old brick Game Boy if you were willing to compromise it. (The Distortion World, sure, but that’s about it… unless I’m forgetting something.) That’s not so for Gen V, which is more console-y in its presentation if not its gameplay.

Team Plasma has the best music in the series. But you knew that.

5) There should be some book reviews in the pipe… sometime. Sometime soon, even.


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