Some observations

1) Something I’m learning about myself at work… say you’ve got Tasks X, Y, and Z, and you want them all completed. If you just straight-up tell me to do X, Y, and Z, I’ll nod and do them. (Maybe after an under-my-breath complaint about how much goddamn work it is, but if it’s possible, it’ll get done.) If you tell me to do X, and I do X, and then you tell me to do Y, and I do Y, and then you tell me to do Z… that sticks in my craw, even if it’s not actually any harder to do. Just feels like you’re stringing me along, or something… I like knowing everything that’s expected of me, so I can adjust my output accordingly. If you tell me to do one thing I’ll take my time, but if I know I’ve got two other things in the hopper I’ll quicken my pace.

2) The problem with working nights is that you feel like shit when you wake up at four in the afternoon. I’m not actually spending any more time asleep than I would if I was keeping normal hours, but waking up in midafternoon feels like the whole day’s wasted before it’s even started.

3) …Which is part of the reason the Majora’s Mask LP has stalled. I’ll usually wake up and decide that I don’t want to get wrapped up in it when I’ve only got a few hours to work with. It doesn’t help that I left off at an update that I’m not entirely sure how I want to work yet… if I’d been in a dungeon or something I probably would have just knocked it out and moved on, but this next bit bears more consideration. I’ve got some off days back-to-back next week, so I’ll try to do the next update then, if I don’t have anything on my plate to deal with by then.

4) It occurs to me that, depending on how rules-lawyer-y God is, the Apocalypse could probably be delayed eternally. The Bible says that man shall not know the day nor the hour of the Second Coming, so we could probably get together and assign someone to predict that every day is the day of the Rapture. If “someone thinks today’s the day” automatically disqualifies the day, I don’t know that we ever need to see an eligible day again.

This was brought up, of course, by the crazies who think the world’s ending tomorrow. You kind of have to wonder about the mindset of people who go borrowing trouble. And wouldn’t being wrong, like, three times before give people pause before trusting this guy? He’s obviously got a vested interest in seeing the End Times, so why trust anything he has to say? Eh.

5) Victory Road is just as annoying as ever. I caught a Durant and named it “Hungry Wolf”. That should earn me a ticket to hell even if the speculation above doesn’t.


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