You’d think I would know better.

I spent part of my afternoon banging my head against an indie game with floaty controls, hideous hit detection, and horrible difficulty. It was so infuriatingly awful because I loved the basic gameplay conceit it was working with: An extremely agile character, with a number of flexible, multipurpose attacks, but one who was constantly constrained by some kind of resource, making for a powerful force, but one which required some finesse to use. I liked that part of the game a lot, but when the very first boss I encountered started busting out all-but-undodgeable bullet hell nonsense once I got his health down to a third (which took entirely too long, just incidentally), I knew I had problems.

It’s a shame, too, because it seems like it’s a game that would be a lot of fun to play once you get good at it, but the road to actually getting good seems entirely too frustrating to bother with. I’d love to see the engine repurposed for something non-stupid.

The plot was also one of those ridiculously meta “lol they totally know they’re in a videogame” things I whined about a few posts back. I would have been able to ignore that had the gameplay been good, but as it is it just made it that much easier to quit.


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