Well, I’m back.

I hasten to assure you that I didn’t suddenly become lazy. (Well, I have, but that’s not why there weren’t any posts over the last five days.) Rather, my sister got married on Friday and I spent the last week-ish down in the Outer Banks trying to prepare myself psychologically. There was internet down there, but the connection was so shoddy and inconsistent that I didn’t want to risk a post to it, and it’s not like I was really in the writing mood anyway, so here we are.

The wedding itself was all right, I suppose. It didn’t go perfectly, but everything that needed to happen happened, no one ran off screaming into the night, and no one ended up killing anyone else, so my feeling is that it has to be counted as a net positive.

Stuff happened while I was gone! Not super-important stuff, but stuff nonetheless. The Braves are currently engaged in the crummiest five-game winning streak in the history of baseball. I never did get a chance to talk about Nintendo’s E3 press conference. (The short version is: Wii U, in addition to having a terrible name, is only interesting to me to the extent that it’s a new thing that plays Mario, as if I wanted brown and grey FPSes I’d have an Xbox by now; Nintendo failed to sell me on the 3DS for now so I’m getting a PSP instead; and where the hell were Xenoblade and The Last Story.) The Commander set was spoiled, as was a bunch of M12 stuff. I finished two books and nearly polished off Sonic Colors.

I think I’ll tackle those last two first, once posts start up in earnest again. The books deserve to be talked about, at the very least. I’ll say this: I shouldn’t have any trouble scrounging up topics for posts for the next little while.

I can’t believe I have to go back to work tonight. :(


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