You know what’s interesting?

Buying a PSP, but having the games and memory stick you bought to go with it come in a separate shipment which is apparently taking the scenic fucking route. Right now all I’ve got is a $130 web browser until Final Fantasy Tactics and Dracula X Chronicles stop farting around in West Virginia. Grr.

I’m feeling pretty good about the purchase, though. I’ve put together a list of software I’m interested in picking up for the system and it should be more than enough to keep me occupied at least until the end of the year — and I’ll have probably spent less total than I would have on a 3DS and one game to do it. Yay for bargains! It occurs to me that I’ve never really been the kind of gamer who needs to be at the front of the line for the newest and hottest stuff, so late adoption might be a good rule from now on.

Also, I’m speaking as someone who subsisted solely on the N64 during the ’90s, so the archive of PS1 games is practically a system-seller in and of itself. I’ve filled in bits and pieces of this gap in my gaming education over the years since then, but it’s not nearly as complete as I’d like, so it’ll be good to get caught up on a era of gaming that, when you get right down to it, is much more in line with my gaming tastes than the current one is and the next one is shaping up to be. RPGs good, gray shooters bad!


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