Quick Impressions of the PSP games I bought.

And I mean very quick, because I haven’t played any of them for more than a few hours each.

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles: I’ll be straight with you; I bought this game entirely for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The Rondo of Blood remake and port are nice bonuses and all, but they’re not the main attraction here (as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t touched the remake since unlocking Symphony). I gushed about Symphony at some length when I played it *cough*emulated*cough* earlier this year, but it’s amazing how smoother the experience is when you don’t risk a freeze every time the game has to load something. (Pausing in loading hallways got real old, real fast.)

What little I’ve played of the Rondo remake (I haven’t touched the port at all) has been as Maria. It’s always a little staggering how amazingly unfun the old, stiff Belmont controls are — I can’t believe anyone actually brought themselves to beat those games back in the day. I love the tone and the visuals of the series, but being forced to play as ludicrously unwieldy characters just ruins them for me. Maria, though, is smooth as silk and loads funner.

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy: In this game, my love of crossovers met my indifference to fighting games head-on and defeated it, at least temporarily. I guess my reasoning was that most fighting games are focused on the multiplayer, but Dissidia’s single-player mode appears to be the star of the show. That, combined with glowing recommendations from people whose tastes I trust and the fact that it was on sale on Amazon when I went to book my maiden PSP voyage, ended up overcoming my natural aversion to qcf+p.

So far, the experience has been equal parts fun and frustration, as I struggle to wrap my brain around HP Attacks and Bravery attacks, dodges and EX modes and chases and double jumps and wall running, PP and KP and equipment and oh god my head. I’m getting my ass kicked despite the fact that I’m on the earliest levels and playing on Pussy difficulty. The game is as over-the-top and fanservicey as I’d hoped, but I can tell the road to the point where I can actually enjoy it unreservedly is going to be long and lined with irritation.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions: Despite the fact that when you get right down to it, I bought a PSP basically for this game, I haven’t actually touched it yet. That’s because it’s scheduled to be Fun Clubbed starting in a week or so, so I’m sitting on it until then. If the Tactics Advance games are any guide, though, I’ll be plugging away at this for 100 hours or so. Then, once I’ve mined its depths: Tactics Ogre. Prepare to receive soul…

Sega Genesis Collection: I hadn’t actually intended to buy this, but I saw it for $15, knew that Sonic 1 and 2, Vectorman 1 and 2, and the Phantasy Star games were on it, and bought it on a lark. To me, this kind of game represents how amazing the modern era of gaming is. This one little disc contains about a dozen games I’d have punched my grandmother to be able to own fifteen years ago, but now they’re practically giving it away — and it’s portable, to boot. If you’d shown this game to eight-year-old me, who was futzing around with Super Mario Land and Faceball 3000 and thinking it was the best thing ever, his head would have exploded.

And it’s not even the best gaming value you can find. I don’t care about anything else, that is progress.

Even though I don’t really care about half the games on the disc, I figure it should still be good for downtimes at work, at the very least. And I really need to play the Phantasy Star series.


1 Response to “Quick Impressions of the PSP games I bought.”

  1. 1 kaisel June 20, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    I think I enjoyed playing Rondo a little more than Symphony of the Night, mainly because I had already played the heck out of Symphony, and I like it better as a console game (didn’t help that the port is glitchy with one of the secret characters, be careful with dashing if you play as them).

    War of the Lions is good, the only thing that really brings down the port is the little bit of slowdown that happens when you cast spells/use special abilities. Most people can ignore it, I’m somewhat impatient for that sort of thing though.

    Dissidia was fun, but I dunno, wasn’t really my thing overall, mainly the chases annoyed me I think, they felt very QTE.

    And finally the Sega Genesis Collection. I picked up the PS3 version for just about the same reason as you (the Phantasy Star series, and Streets of Rage in my case). Picking a Phantasy Star game to start off with is hard though, if you’re going to play through all of them, I would leave PS4 for last, it’s really good, and a lot more playable than what came before.

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