Thinking out loud.

I’ve got some issues with Final Fantasy Tactics that I’ll discuss at greater length once I’m a bit further in the game and can say for sure whether they’re issues with the game as a whole or just the early game, but I will say that the game is scratching the part of my brain that enjoys fiddling around with builds right where it itches. I’ve been known to spend embarrassing amounts of time in games like these on the setup screen, reordering units, swapping out one ability for another, mentally debating what to put time and points in. In many ways this is the game, with actually moving your characters around the maps being more of a sideline. It doesn’t even matter overmuch to me that such relentless min-maxing is going to be pointless 90% of the time; I can’t move on unless everything is just so and I’ve eked maximum amounts of advantage out of the resources I have at my disposal.

For the first several story battles I moved around more or less at random, switching guys into classes as they became available, learning whatever looked useful and I had the JP for. Eventually, though, I knew this wasn’t going to cut it, so today I sat down and mapped out where I want each of my characters to go in the long run. This should hopefully cut down on the amount of time I spend farting about in classes that don’t advance my overall development plan. I won’t pretend that the party build I ended up with is the most broken thing ever to walk the earth, but it should get me by.

One thing that worries me is that I’m still only using six characters. In the FFTA games I made full use of every slot available in my Clan and didn’t feel any weaker for it, but in FFT I feel like I’m falling behind if all the JP isn’t going to my main guys. It may be that this is a baseless fear, but I can always recruit someone else if I feel the need to explore different builds…


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